When YouTube Work for Al-Qaeda as their Propagandists


A follow-up of the report we did on YouTube’s ‘Non-Advertisers Friendly’ method to rip off even that tiny revenue from the activists uploading their contents on Google-owned site as a way of pressure and to maintain the narrative the Pentagon and NATO promotes for targeting sovereign states, well, they’re now taking it to the next level.

It’s no secret that social media giants have agreements with the US different spying and ‘defense’ agencies, despite some of them claiming the opposite, and we will not discuss that here. What we will show is a solid proof of how contents discrediting the ‘Moderate Rebels’ story is being taken off the net while contents promoting al-Qaeda activities is very much there.

I’ve received two consecutive emails from YouTube with warnings notifying me that one of my videos uploaded 5 years ago to their site because it was ‘reported to their team for the use of misleading thumbnail.’ The first email adds: The video has ‘been reviewed and is in violation of our policy against misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views.’

Upon visiting my YouTube channel I was received with this ‘welcoming message’:


And as you can see I only have to acknowledge.

The one-sided decision by YouTube management was: ‘We have removed the custom thumbnail from the video(s). Please refrain from posting videos with misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in the future.’ But not only the thumbnail was removed, but the whole video as it appears.


They did ‘generously’ leave the video for my review for 7 days as they say in their message seen in the above image (YouTube-Warning-2), but reviewing the video time and again looking for anything against any community standards or fakery by our side, all was to no avail.

Obviously, any site owner can maintain whatever content is posted on their site and preserve the right to remove any content for whatever reason, but when the site is in the size of YouTube, which promotes one side of the story when it comes to Syria, we have an issue and a very serious one.

We all saw how Trump went stupid based on a footage he saw in a YouTube clip, same what Obama before him claimed and their parrots in different international venues, which led to increased serious involvements directly on the side of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, FSA and ISIS against the Syrian state and before that against Iraq, and a whole long list before. Therefore, these ‘social media giants’ having their material used to illegally and falsely justify attacks against sovereign nations, they should be more careful and allow contents from all sides with no bias at all from their side and let the viewers come to their own analyses. Siding by any party, this case siding by al-Qaeda, makes these sites accomplice in the crimes against the Syrian state and the Syrian people committed by al-Qaeda on the ground.


With 505 videos on this channel, over 6,500 subscribers and almost 4.5 million views, we took this threat seriously and now in the process of uploading to other mediums than YouTube. ‘Mind you this is not an entertainment channel to have views in the tens of millions,’ most of our videos are already there in different context or without proper English subtitles, leaving the world in the dark on the reality of events taking place in Syria.

We have recorded the screen as how the viewers would see the same video under question and we leave you to decide whether YouTube was right in all the above or just acting like al-Qaeda social media, similar to how the US air force acted like al-Qaeda air force in multiple times so far.

If you faced similar acts by YouTube or Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, we would like to hear from you in the comments below.

Update: Ironically, as soon as I finished writing the above post I went back to my YouTube Channel and found the 2nd video being reported exactly the same way, and it’s a very old one as well..!! See below image.

YouTube 2nd Attack in 24 Hours
YouTube 2nd Attack in 24 Hours

Now we’re really fearing for a massive library of 505 highly important videos evidencing the crimes of terrorists being deleted by YouTube to further the Pentagon agenda of whitewashing their terrorists’ crimes against the Syrian people.

YouTube 2nd attack
YouTube 2nd attack

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