Western Powers WANT to Bring Assad to the Solution, Wonder if People Fall Easily in this Trap

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Fabius, Merkel, even Erdogan recently announced they were ready to accept Syrian President Dr. Bashar Assad as part of a solution in Syria. Shall we trust them?

Even if western and regional administrations are now claiming ‘Assad was needed for a “diplomatic” or “political” solution in Syria’, there are still some facts to focus our attention on:

1. Focusing on a non-violent solution in Syria is good, and needed! But who entitled those named above to care for it, to “negotiate” in the name and on behalf of the Syrian people? How would the Germans, US-Americans, French and Australians like it, if, let’s say, the North Korean government would claim this right to decide for them? See – this is pure NEOCOLONIAL attitude. Only the Syrian people have the right to decide for Syria. And the Syrian people already HAVE made their decision for Syria and Assad, in elections for parliament (2012), in a referendum on the new constitution (2012) and, finally, in the presidential elections of 2014, when they put Assad into presidency again with a vast majority of 88.3% of the 73.4% all votes of eligible voters. When exactly did Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Obama who like to decide for other nations gathered results like this?

2. Those who now tell us that a “diplomatic” or “political” solution is wanted in fact hold the key for an end of terror. Because THEY – Merkel, Obama, Hollande, Cameron, together with the disgraceful maddogs alSaud of Saudi, the Qataris and Erdogan, are the masterminds of TERROR, the creators of those frankenstein monsters labelled alQaeda, Daesh / ISIS / IS, alNusra / FSA and others. The German, british and french governments are deeply involved into enforcing ISIS because they buy oil ISIS steals from syrian oilfields. The EU created an exceptional law that allows EU-member states to buy oil from the terrorists but prohibits the EU member states from buying oil from the Syrian state. Therefor, before they claim they want an end of the terror, THEY should finally take their responsibility and end financing and arming the terror. As long as these terroristic entities Germany, Britain, France do finance ISIS, they can not honestly claim to want an end of the war in Syria.

3. As those masters of terror and genocide now claim to support a “political solution”, they still do not rule out any military intervention, do they? There is NO word about the western terroristic entities to ban a major NATO/ US-coalition illegal attack on Syria. This in fact makes me mistrust them even more. A possible scenario: They want to impose arguments on Syria, they want to “negotiate” (a joke) on Syria, and they want to confront Assad with requirements which Assad will not be able to accept. Then, these killers will cry out and make their propaganda machines (mainstream media) claim that Assad is the only obstacle for gaining peace – and that he has to be removed – for the sake of the Syrian people. Then they will repeat their lies and propaganda about Assad throwing “barrel bombs” on children, Assad “gassing” his people… – all those terrible lies we had to witness our governments and their propaganda tools are able to create to justify their genocidal war on Syria. And then we will have to witness the total war breaking lose on Syria, with attacks on Damascus and the complete destruction of that nation. Remember Libya, where the western psychopathical logics „bomb people to prevent people to be bombed” had been laid out so very clear! I truly HOPE that the Russian (and Chinese) intervention will finally blackball this large-scale attack – but we never must forget that those who now claim they wanted peace infact are those who kill syrian children and destroy the country. The possibility of a full-scale war on Syria is not banned yet. Also, the western-created terror on the Syrian people is going on, this very minute I write this, this very minute you read this.

4. If those administrations who now claim to want an end to the war they imposed on Syria by creating, arming, training, instructing and funding the most brutal, most savage and most effective terroristic forces the world ever has seen, what prevents them from ending their support for the terrorists? But instead of halting terror, they are just sending more arms, more money, more instructors, to support the terrorist groups they made to destroy Syria! How can those who made this mess claim to honestly wanting peace? And, even more important: how can WE ever trust them?

Merkel, Obama, Hollande, Cameron, alSaud, alThani, Erdogan are responsible for this war, for the genocide of Syrians performed by the western-made terror-groups, for the destruction of this sacred land. And they are responsible for the impacts on Europe by the refugees thy forced to flee Syria. They, not Assad, are personally responsible for the deathtoll and the destruction. There infact is absolutly NO reason to trust them now for just speaking some nice words!

5. There is no “solution” other as the following:
The western powers end the terror on Syria by cutting their support for the terror-groups they created for this ugly proxy war.
The western and regional enemies of Syria help the Syrian Army to finally eliminate the pest of terrorism the west created.
The west acknowledges he is the sole and only responsible for the terror and war in Syria.
The western terroristic entities and their regional lackys pay full compensation for the damages and destructions they are responsible for.

The masterminds of terror may have changed their way of speaking. They may have changed their methods. But does this necessarily mean they have changed their goals?

PLEASE! Do not fall to the trap. Do not trust those who killed Syrian children. Do not trust the liars and warmongers. Stay human – and keep your approach to logics that has made you an enemy of the terrorists.

Thank you for your attention.
Comments are welcome, and, feel free to share my thoughs incase you agree.

Stefan Heuer

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