Trump-Backed Mass Killers: Syrian Deaths by Remote Detonation

Trump regime mass killers blew up vehicle in Qahtaniyah Syria. Murder victims & injured tolls not yet released.
Trump regime SDF mass killers blew up vehicle in Qahtaniyah Syria, 7 August 2019.

Trump-backed mass killers in Syria today murdered an undisclosed number of people in al Qahtaniyah, Syria. These savages remotely detonated a very large vehicle in the center of this town, near the communications building. Children were among the dead.

This heinous attack comes one day after the Trump regime illegally unloaded a convoy of trucks and military materials into the Syrian city of al Qamishli, to be given to the terrorist SDF,’ created by Obama and expanded by Trump.

Qamishli is 30km/18mi from today’s deadly attack, which will not be reported in NATO media.


This degenerate attack follows the remote detonation of two motorcycles — by Trump-backed killers — in neighboring towns of Musharafa and al Nashwah al Gharbi, two days ago. In that depraved attack, 4 persons were injured.

Speaking of motorcycles: A couple of them backfired in Times Square (NYC) yesterday causing a stampede by frightened pedestrians. NATO media is viralizing this video.
Speaking of motorcycles: A couple of them backfired in Times Square (NYC) yesterday causing a stampede by frightened pedestrians. NATO media is viralizing this video.

The Trump-led war criminal regime change operatives are attempting to distract the Syrian Arab Army from the liberation of Idlib from the mostly foreign al Qaeda filth. The Astana cessation of hostilities agreement was immediately celebrated with bombings of Syrians. Diplomat Jaafari explained ‘guarantor’ Turkey’s intentional failure to meet its obligations, in an interview with al Mayadeen, soon after. The SAA quickly resumed its essential military operation.

Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad

America continues to argue over its guns, its #2A, its pathology in mass shootings, and whether the blame of killers’ nasty belief they have the right to slaughter others should be at the US president’s feet, because “racism” and “white supremacy.”

So arrogant are they, in this battle, that they do not ponder even the possibility that domestic murderous arrogance is the outgrowth of US foreign, murderous, aggression.

Pete Buttigieg: Is this "white supremacy" or murderous "colonial impunity"?
Is this “white supremacy” or murderous “colonial impunity”?

Miri Wood

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