Terrorists Lose Over 150 in Sanamain for Reconciliation

Sanamain Reconciliation
Sanamain Reconciliation

On Christmas day in the south of Syria and in particular in Sanamain town, Dara’a northern countryside, over 500 persons dropped their efforts alongside the enemies of humanity and returned to be law-abiding normal citizens in the Reconciliation due process. 150 of them handed over their weapons to the authorities.

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad issued Decree 15 for the year 2016 that would pardon any Syrian person who would drop their weapons they carried against their own state due to whatever reason and return to their normal lives dropping the state’s right in prosecuting and leaving one year period for any personal claims against those who would turn themselves in and hand over their weapons.

image-Syria- Sanamain, Dara'a Countryside Map
Syria- Sanamain, Dara’a Countryside Map

The ‘Reconciliation’ has its own ministry in Syria to oversee and work out the process and its ramifications on the society especially in tribal areas and remote towns where the Western agencies and their regional media and agents played on the nerves of each tribe by ways of fabrications and instigation.

Many cities’ districts and towns have joined the reconciliation process and terrorists have been split with many members rejecting the horrific crimes committed by the ‘freedom fighters’ and the ‘moderate rebels’ and fled to the state armed forces.

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