Tadmor (Palmyra) Electric Power Station Restored after 6 Years

Tadmor Palmyra Electric Power Transmission Station Repaired

Syrian engineers from the Ministry of Electricity managed to repair and restore the Electricity power station in Tadmor (Palmyra) after 6 years of its destruction.

The station consists of two converters of 20 MVA capacity each, both were replaced and all the damage in the station was repaired, as per Fawaz Zaher, General Manager of Electric Power Transmission Establishment.

US-sponsored terrorists destroyed the 40 MW station completely in 2013, they also destroyed the 70 kilometers length 66 KV high voltage cable feeding it.

Tadmor (someone translated its name in English to Palmyra) was provided with an alternative partial electricity feed as soon as the Syrian Arab Army cleaned the city from US-sponsored ISIS and its affiliates, and continue to rehabilitate the 20 KV output and low voltage networks in order to cover the city’s needs of electric power completely.

The ‘Syrian Electric Army’ work under conditions that no other linemen in the world do: Terrorist attacks and lack of essential equipment, due to the illicit, draconian ‘sanctions’ the west perpetrates against Syria.

Meet some of the heroic linemen: The Syrian Electricity Army – The Unknown Soldiers

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