Syrian War lKatest News for 03 21 2013 Subtitles in English

Сирийская война. Последние новости за 21.03.2013. Субтитры. March 21 in the province of Damascus, the Syrian army is fully liberated from the terrorists districts Haran Al-Avamid and Al-Utaybe. During the operation, killing a large number of terrorists. Also, Syrian sappers in the liberated districts demined huge number of improvised explosive devices left by insurgents. At the same time, was seized a huge consignment of arms belonging to terrorists. So, the Syrian military discovered in warehouses terrorists mines, missiles, “Lau” Israeli production, grenade launchers, assault rifles, machine guns and a large quantity of ammunition. It should be noted that the liberated districts were are very close to the international airport of Damascus. It is from these districts was made known clip about how the militants fired at civilian airliner. And it is through these districts passes the main channel of supply militants of arms and ammunition in the province of Damascus. In the district Dzhobar Damascus Syrian army continued counterterrorist operation. Militants there have huge losses and retreating on all fronts.

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