Syrian Journalist Wafaa Shabrouni to Be Flown to Moscow for Treatment

Wafaa Shabrouni RT Arabic Syria وفاء شبروني سورية
Wafaa Shabrouni, Syrian journalist for RT Arabic.

Syrian journalist Wafaa Shabrouni will be flown to Moscow for more extensive treatment, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, today.

A team of Russian medical specialists helicoptered from the Hmeimim Base in Tartous, to the Hama State Hospital, where they assessed her serious injuries before moving her to Hmeimim, in preparation for the trip to Russia.

RT Arabic Correspondent Shabrouni was reporting on the Syrian Arab Army’s successful campaign to cleanse Maarat al Numan of NATO armed terrorist pathogens, functioning under the direction of Turkey’s caliph wannabe, Erdogan, when she was seriously wounded, yesterday.

Details have emerged on Ms. Shabrouni’s extensive injuries which include multiple lacerations to her body, shrapnel wounds to her face, injury to her left orbit, and a collapsed lung. These life-altering injuries were caused by retreating Erdogan militias leaving behind NATO weapons, including hidden land mines and other armaments rigged to maximize casualties.


At this writing, NATO stenography media have not mentioned the heinous injury inflicted on journalist Shabrouni. The Committee to Protect Journalists remains silent, more than 24 hours later.

The American taxpayers — being battered into neo-McCarthy warmongering hysteria — might take note that while they have paid for the explosives used for purpose of murder, Russian tax monies are being used to try to return Syrian journalist Wafaa Shabrounie to good health.

Best wishes for her full and speedy recovery.

Miri Wood


Adam Schiff was elected to the House of Representatives during the 2014 midterms. He was basically an unknown until the impeachment circus was launched on Capitol Hill. Recently, he went on a neo-McCarthy barking tirade about fighting the Russians over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.

Neo-McCarthy/neo-lib Raw Story swooned over McCarthy-cum-Schiff’s warmongering.

Just for the heck of it, the author visited ‘schiff dot house dot gov’ and used its search engine for a few things.

Warmongering Schiff has nothing on his taxpayer-funded site involving: Flint (the water crisis the year he was elected); nothing for water management (though water is a significant issue); nothing for protecting hospitals. His most significant concern for infrastructure is found in an early 2017 speech to the Brookings Institute, which sounded as though ghost written by McCarthy, himself, about the need to do more to harden our political infrastructure…

It is a devastating irony that American taxpayers fund weapons to al Qaeda in Syria, while American university hospitals are shut down, due to lack of funds. It is further devastating that our McCarthyite-warmongers fixate on the same Russia whose taxpayers will fund Wafaa Shabrouni’s healthcare…

Philadelphia’s Hahnemann University Hospital has been closed, while American taxes support al Qaeda in Syria.

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  1. Thank you for your support, Greg.

    The neurosurg team at the St. Petersburg hospital where she is now recovering, praised the neurosurg team of Hama National Hospital, for saving her life.

    It sounds as though she had been put into a medically-induced coma, that she has now been brought out of.

  2. Thank you Miri for enlightening us out in the world. I’m happy Wafaa is fit enough to be flown to Moscow for further treatment of her injuries and I wish her One Thousand well-wishes that she recover and hopefully, eventually return to her work.

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