syria breaking news updatedecember 29 2012


Damascus Countryside: Nawaf Rifa’i, Murtada Sa’ed, Muhammad Oweish and other militants were killed in al-Buhdulia

December 29, 2012   3:17 PM

Mursi: appointing the news constitution means the end of a transmission period that went too long

December 29, 2012   1:47 PM

Our correspondent in Lattakia: the Syrian Army blockades the militants in Salma town

December 29, 2012   12:29 PM

Lavrov after the meeting with Brahimi: the priority is for Syria to stop violence and initiate a political operation

December 29, 2012   12:01 PM

Our reporter in Edlib: 25 armed men have been killed in Ma’arshoureen and Kafarshlaya of Ma’aret al-Nu’man

December 29, 2012   11:51 AM

Our correspondent in Edlib: the leader Khalid al-Khateeb and 26 other insurgents were killed in clashes in Areeha countryside

December 29, 2012   11:50 AM

Our correspondent: all the ways that lead to the highway of Damascus International airport are safe and normal

December 29, 2012   9:54 AM

Our correspondent: the rumors about taking control over al-Sayyeda Zainab – Damascus International airport road by militants are false

December 29, 2012   9:53 AM

Al-Hayat quoting a Russian source: Damascus will start a dialogue, led by al-Sharee, and leads to one government

December 29, 2012   8:45 AM

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