Syria: Breaking News Update January 8, 2013



Egypt: unknowns fire Molotov on al-Tahrir square and participators throw them out

January 8, 2013   9:44 PM

Homs: an infiltration attempt for militants from Lebanon through Jamrah crossing has been foiled in al-Qusair

January 8, 2013   9:15 PM

Damascus Countryside: many insurgents, including the leader Hamdi Sukkaro, have been killed in operations for the Syrian Army in Duma and Jarba

January 8, 2013   7:18 PM

Damascus Countryside: militants, including Na’eem al-Dummarani and Hisham al-Aswad, have been killed in Duma

January 8, 2013   7:17 PM

The Syrian government holds a meeting to put a mechanism to apply the program that was announced by al-Assad president

January 8, 2013   2:57 PM

Dollar exchange rate in the black market: 95 SP sales and 94 SP buy

January 8, 2013   2:16 PM

Damascus countryside: Khaled al-sha’rawi, Muhammad Deeb and other armed men were killed in the farms of Duma

January 8, 2013   1:54 PM

Damascus countryside: Alaa Mekdad the leader of one of the armed men was killed in al-Hagar al-Aswad area

January 8, 2013   1:53 PM

Edlib: armed men were killed in the result of targeting many armed groups in Ma’art al-Numan countryside

January 8, 2013   1:26 PM

Edlib countryside : Syrian Army targets armed men in the surroundings of Taftanaz military airport

January 8, 2013   1:25 PM

Damascus countryside:6 civilians were injured in the result of mortar shell that was fired on Jaramana

January 8, 2013   1:24 PM

Homs: Armed men commit a massacre in the right of 12 civilians, including a woman near Fahel village

January 8, 2013   10:34 AM

Al-Safer quoted of an opposition source: there are strength points in the speech of president al-Assad and the solution is Russian-American

January 8, 2013   8:52 AM

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