syria breaking news update december 30 2012


Daraa: the Syrian Army foils an infiltration attempt for militants from Jordan to the countryside of Daraa

December 30, 2012   5:17 PM

Damascus: the martyrdom of a woman and the injury of 6 people in blast of two booby-trapped cars took place in al-Yarmouk Camp

December 30, 2012   3:01 PM

Gatilov: the talks with Brahimi show that there is a chance to the political compromise in Syria

December 30, 2012   2:29 PM

Brahimi: the solution of the Syrian crisis with its different points should be at the beginning of 2013

December 30, 2012   12:36 PM

Brahimi: the Syrian crisis will threat the international peace if it continues for other months

December 30, 2012   12:31 PM

Ikhbaria Channel: armed men assassinate the director of endowments of Raqqa the sheikh Abd Allah al-Saleh

December 30, 2012   12:20 PM

Edlib: Syrian Army killed 10 armed men, including the leader Mohammad al-Khalaf in al-Hamedia in Ma’art al-Nu’man

December 30, 2012   11:31 AM

Al-Watan: Syrian Army advances forward the east of Aleppo and takes control over al-Nakkreen

December 30, 2012   8:44 AM

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