saa ambush fsa terrorists eastern ghouta

Al-Otaybah, Damascus Countryside
Al-Otaybah, Damascus Countryside

A group of Al Qaeda FSA terrorists were rendered ‘very peaceful’ after they fell in a tight ambush by the Syrian Arab Army near the town of Otaybah which was liberated in April, in the Eastern Ghouta north of Damascus International Airport.

The group of Wahhabi terrorists consisting of Saudis, Qataris, Iraqis and others were trying to flee their besieged dens in Nashabiyeh and was heading through Maydaa towards Dmeir town when they met The End.

Al-Otaybah, Eastern Ghouta Damascus Countryside
Al-Otaybah, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside

The following video clip might be considered Graphic unless you love planet Earth and you are a real humanitarian person, you can count the bodies of terrorists if you want.

This ambush proves the braveness, the determination and the elegance the SAA men and women carry out their operations with, it comes in a long list of achievements that made the US regime push for the Geneva 2 conference presenting a ‘peaceful solution’ to the Syrian crisis by exchanging terror sponsored by them with peace for the Syrian people.

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