Russian MoD Opens a Museum for Weapons Confiscated from Terrorists in Syria

Terrorists Weapons on Display in Russian MoD Museum

Russian Ministry of Defense has built a museum displaying some of the weapons confiscated from terrorists during the combats in Syria.

Mr. Vladimir Putin, Russian President paid a visit to the museum and was over impressed at the findings.

Among the displayed items were armored vehicles, including a vehicle that was armored and supposed to be driven by an anti-Islamic Wahhbabi suicide bomber, very advanced satellite communication devices, machine guns, and machine-guns mounted jeeps, pistols, motorbikes, highly professional and advanced mortar cannons as well as makeshift ones.

Drones had their part in the display as well, like the ones that a Western nation has provided ISIS terrorists in Idlib who in turn tried to attack the Russian Reconciliation Center and military base in Lattakia repeatedly.

Food stuff were also displayed from different sources, can be heard from Britain and Israel. 

A number of identity cards and documents, including a suicide Jihadist passport, and some printed propaganda materials, and uniforms.

One of the very impressive and unexpected machines was a tunneling boar vehicle seen in the video report of Putin’s visit to the museum.

Terrorists Tunnel Bore Machine on display in Russian MoD Museum

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