Freedom of Press or Freedom of Crime: Reuters Creates News in Syria for NATO


‘Beijing is trying to weaponize tourism’ is what Reuters called China’s version of the US State Department’s travel warnings and travel bans…! Reuters is one of the Pentagon’s leading tools in disinformation in the ‘War of Terror’ waged against Syria from the first days.

Reuters office manager in Syria, a Jordanian Khaled Oweis, was caught on Syrian TV camera in Daraa National Hospital putting words in a wounded SAA soldier’s mouth in the first week of the riots.

SAA soldier wounded with a bullet, carried on a stretcher to the OR, was saying in a faint voice he was shot at from the protesters’ side, Reuters report had the reporter repeating: ‘You’re saying the security officer shot you from behind for refusing to shoot at protesters’?

The forgery by Reuters Syrian office manager in his report led to his arrest to stand trial and instantly a massive organized campaign was launched by mainstream media to release him and ‘protect free speech’ in Syria.

Syrian authorities released Reuters lying reporter and expelled all foreign reporters from the country, the wisest decision ever taken by the Ministry of Information in the country. MSM then embedded themselves with al-Qaeda FSA & we got all their fake reports live since.

CNN reporter Arwa Daemon participated with her crew in blowing up Baba Amr’s (Homs) main gas pipeline leading to electricity power complete shutdown in the coldest weeks of winter, she, of course, blamed Syria but forgot her cameras were rolling & she was using state’s main net.

CNN’s Hala Gorani promoted a very fake story titled ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ narrating a ‘brave’ lesbian teenaged girl who ‘probably kidnapped by security’ for her ‘sexual choices.’ The fictional story was written by a US middle-aged man living in the UK…! She blocked me since.

Qatar State TV al-Jazeera participated in the kidnapping of hundreds of women & children from rural Latakia by herds of terrorists who attacked the remote villages ISIS style, many of the kidnapped believed to be the victims of the infamous Ghouta chemical attack 2013…

This particular Qatar al-Jazeera report earned these criminals the title ‘Humanitarian Bastards.’

We have a very bad experience with Western mainstream media that wouldn’t be bettered ever. We will never forget their role in destroying our country and the suffering of our people. We will make sure our children understand these crimes so they won’t have to experience it.

The above is the pinned tweet thread of Arabi Souri .

When she is not hanging out with terrorists who blow up refineries, or being a mean drunk who bites emergency medical technicians and diplomats in embassies, Damon scurries around Syria sniffing back packs, fingers, air for the fragrance of WMDs. She previously sniffed all of Idlib governate, despite the massive cloth she was forced to don to meet with al-Qaeda there.


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