Only in Lebanon a Lebanese Judge is Fired by the US Ambassador!

Lebanese Judge Mohammad Mazeh (Right) - US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea (Left) القاضي اللبناني محمد مازح (يمين الصورة) والسفيرة الأميريكية للبنان المندوبة السامي دوروثي شيا (يسار)
Lebanese Judge Mohammad Mazeh (Right) - US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea (Left)

Lebanese Judge Mohammed Mazeh issued an order banning Lebanese media from interviewing the US ambassador for one year because of her nonstop interference in domestic affairs & inflammatory statements pitching Lebanese against each other.

Soon after the judge’s decision was announced late last week he was subject to a media storm by the US and Saudi agents in Lebanon who control the deep state since 1993 and have led the tiny country into a state of complete weakness and economic collapse and corruption.

The US State Department, instead of respecting the Lebanese judicial decision and instructing their ambassador to behave as per the diplomatic norms, it issued a statement ridiculing the judge’s decision.

The US ambassador was summoned to the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday, Monday, and what was supposed to be a scolding summon turned out to be as an apology by the Minister, as per many Lebenaese commentators, for the judge’s interference in the ambassador’s freedom of sabotage!

Subsequently, the Lebanese Judge Mohammed Mazeh was also summoned to a meeting with a judicial inspection committee for discussion and as he was heading to the meeting the Lebanese Judicial Minister issued a statement saying he’s been summoned for investigation, Judge Mohammed Mazeh rendered his resignation in protest, as he promised in such a case.

This is exactly what happens each time an autonomous zone is carved out of a sovereign country by the USA and its colonial partners in empires and where puppet regimes are installed to manipulate it not in any interest of its own people, nor in any interest of the US citizens and taxpayers who foot the human and cost bills, but in the interests of the little very powerful group steering the US foreign politics since last century.

Syria was called to help the Lebanese government put an end to their 15 years civil war that started in 1975, over mainly the same differences they have running through today: those loyal to the USA and paid for by the Saudis and those who want an independent country. Syrian officials handled the critical Lebanese matters professionally without interfering in their domestic affairs, after putting an end to the Lebanese civil war the Syrian officials and Syrian forces in Lebanon were tasked to provide a security cover for the country from inner conflicts and from outside invasion, until the assassination of the former Lebanese PM Rafic Hariri, attributed by most nationalists to the US-Israeli alliance in February 2005, since then the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon and Syrian officials stopped helping the Lebanese govern themselves and thus ‘creative chaos’ ensued.

During the time Syria was helping the Lebanese manage their affairs, the Lebanese governments would be formed within days and everybody would be clapping their hands in joy and satisfaction, after the Syrian withdrawal from the Lebanese affairs they would take months to form a government and the country was without a president for two years once, and so many street battles and terrorist plots took place, those loyal to the US and Saudi camp operate as per instructions from their patrons abroad and ignite strife whenever one of their corrupt interests is investigated by their own law enforcement. Lebanon was instrumental in the early days of the Syrian crisis in smuggling weapons and terrorists into their neighboring country and only land route to the world.

Wahhabi Ahmad Assir
Wahhabi terrorist cleric Ahmad Assir – Saudi agent aiding the Saudi-loyal politicians form the Lebanese government in his way

Many of those Syrian officials who were overseeing the Lebanese politics ‘defected’ from Syria during the current US-led War of Terror waged against the Syrian people since 2011, they later became the beacons of light for the al-Qaeda-ran so-called ‘Syrian Revolution’ from their exile. The Syrian President Bashar Assad strictly instructed post the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon to let the Lebanese handle their affairs without any Syrian interference, Syria even opened an embassy for Lebanon in Damascus which was not ever needed due to the existence of a joint Syrian-Lebanese higher council, only to affirm Syria’s new stance of distancing towards its tiny neighbor and former province.

Obviously, the Lebanese failed to sort out their matters and today we see the traitors and agents of foreign countries who some of them even called on Israel to bomb their own country to get rid of their political opponents are now accusing the nationalists of being traitors and oppressors of freedoms, not the freedom of the Lebanese people, but the freedoms of foreign ambassadors to control the details of the Lebanese political life.

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  1. “The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate.”

    Senator Fullbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 10/07/1973 on CBS’ “Face the Nation”.

    “I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews….. terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen …. I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don’t approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country”

    Even more so today.

  2. Only in Lebanon a Lebanese Judge is Fired by the US Ambassador!
    Israel has control of US politicians – pledge allegiance or face the consequences

    “These pro-Israel people like pledges: they tried to force me to sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel. When I refused, it was trench warfare, hand to hand combat every day I was in the Congress, and the U.S. people never knew that I was fighting to remain independent for them. To make real peace and to find real justice. Here, they have the whole of the U.S. government making pledges to them!!! Unbelievable.” ~ Cynthia McKinney, PhD

    As it is in the US so it is in Lebanon it appears.