Iranian IRGC Bomb the US Army – That’s Not All!

British forces in Ain Al Asad Air Base in Iraq
British forces in Ain Al Asad Air Base in Iraq

IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, launched a barrage of missiles against two US military bases in Iraq, the targets were hit and the operation was successful. The military operation comes in retaliation to the killing of General Soleimani by the US.

The Iranian government at all levels and the IRGC claimed responsibility of the bombing, the IRGC stated they launched at least a dozen missiles and the Pentagon confirmed.

Iranian foreign minister Jawad Zarif said that Iran concluded the retaliation operation to the US killing of the Commander of Quds Forces in the IRGC on the early hours of the 3rd of January at Baghdad Airport. The Iranian top diplomat added that Iran does not seek escalation but is ready for it.

Everything else remains details in the weight of the act itself, or to be more precise the Iranian reaction.

This is the first time a country retaliates directly to the United States of America, a country to country, and claims responsibility for the attack, furthermore, it did warn beforehand and within an adequate time that it will target these military bases in particular.

The timing of the IRGC operation bombing of the two US military bases in Iraq was at 01:20 am local time, it’s the exact time that the US killed General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad.

The burial of General Soleimani’s body was delayed and was delayed and carried out only after the retaliatory bombing. It’s a symbolic gesture full of meanings.

Ain Assad (Al Asad Air Base) which is one of the two targeted ultra-fortified bases in Iraq is the base of the drone that killed General Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis.

Some Iranian sources stated to the Iranian TV later on that 80 US military personnel were killed, material damage in the base and the planes in it. The Pentagon claimed in an ‘Israeli-style’ that not a single US personnel is killed.

Whatever the real number of casualties diminishes in front of the real value of the operation. This is the first time any country since at least WWII that responds directly to the USA as country to country and claims responsibility after and warn beforehand. This is a turning point in the world’s history and should be built upon to bring down the inflated US power to its real size.

In addition, the starking reality that all the Iranian missiles reached their targets in the face of complete failure of the US ‘state of the art’ ‘nice’ and ‘smart’ and ‘modern’ and ‘very expensive’ weapons to repel it or any of it.

Here, we call on the clients of US weapons, especially those who bought the US air defense systems, should ask for a refund and use the refund they get to buy Russian, Chinese, or better Iranian-made weapons to protect their countries.

Especially, this is not the first time the US air defense failure to intercept incoming missiles, the Yemeni Armed Forces bombing the Saudi Aramco oil facilities in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia also hundreds of miles far.

We can also call on the US taxpayers, although a long-fetched request, to inquire about the vast amounts of their tax money spent on this and other US military bases and equipment with the massively inflated cost.

An hour ago the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayat Allah Khamenei addressed a crowd of worshipers in the Iranian religious city of Qum said: The military response (earlier this morning) was just a slap and is not in the level of the crime (killing #Soleimani), the main response is they leave the region’.

Arabi Souri on Twitter

A number of Iranian officials warned the US to pack and leave, especially after the US forces in Iraq lost any legal status it had after the Iraqi Parliament voted to evict them in the wake of the series of latest crimes against Iraq and its visitors including the bombing of an Iraqi security outpost at the borders with Syria killing 31 Iraqi security personnel and followed with the assassination of the Iranian General Soleimani and as importantly the assassination of Iraq’s own second commander in security Abu Mahdi Muhandis.

Earlier, the Secretary-General of Hezb Allah Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah vowed to retaliate to the crime of killing General Soleimani and his compatriots, considering it an attack against the Lebanese Resistance as well and an aggression against all the resistance axes in all its countries where late General Soleimani helped: Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Nasr Allah warned the US forces in the region: ‘Those who came to our region vertical and didn’t leave will leave our region horizontal.’

The following is Sayyed Nasr Allah full speech part 1 and 2:

We will be anticipating further retaliation against the US troops in the region: Afghanistan to Africa through West Asia and Yemen, especially if the Trump Regime of War carries out any foolish act as they’re known to do.

Iran, on its part, fulfilled its obligation to start the retaliation against the US ‘terror armies’, the rest of the axis will also response each in their own way and when suitable. The region is more hostile to the USA than it ever was, despite the billions the US and its cronies spent to whitewash their crimes and demonize the people of the region and the resistance camp.

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