Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation

US Navy show of force - Intercontinental Wars

Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation is one of 3 parts documentary series by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News Channel, the documentary is invaluable and addressed to Arabic viewers and we took the initiative to translate it this part.

The documentary covers a number of pressing topics including and not limited to the Euroasian issue, peace, and security, the US attempts to keep its hegemony over the world, the use of terrorist groups and economy sanctions, and the responses from the opposite camp the rising powers of China, Russia, Iran, and the countries allied with them to create a multipolar world order to replace the fading away US-led unipolar world order.

Part 1 of 2 – Episode 3: The Open Confrontation

Part 2 of Episode 3:

Part 2 of 2 – Episode 3: The Open Confrontation

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Syria is where the new world order will be decided, is one of the conclusions by the experts contributing to this documentary.

The unprecedented investment in terror and direct military intervention in Syria, above the maximum economic sanctions and blockade accompanying the intensive political and diplomatic pressure all covered with the hysterical western mainstream media propaganda non-stop campaigns and the unjustified losses and suffering of the Syrian people, shows why the experts interviewed in this documentary have come to the conclusion that Syria is paying the price of tilting the world’s power balance and setting the new world order for at least the coming three decades.

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