Hezbollah Aired Yesterday’s Operation Debunking Israel’s Lies

Hezbollah operation in retaliation Netanyahu aggression

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah aired the footage of its yesterday’s operation after enormous efforts by the Israeli military, its politicians, and its media, and on top of them its embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu to discredit Hezbollah’s claims of blowing up an IDF terrorist vehicle in its operation.

The video with high resolution shows clearly the settlement of Avivim, its military base, the narrator describes the settlement and the base in details counting its sections, who operates inside, and their numbers, and who heads it.

Video also available on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/RC2H3GWro8Dx/

Then, the video shows how the Israeli IDF terrorists tried to baffle Hezbollah by planting military vehicles with dummies inside and where the vehicles were parked in front of the base.

Civilian vehicles passing by are also shown clearly from the firing point where a Hezbollah fighter appears next to his Kornet battery, then appears the targeted military vehicle. The brand is WOLF armored vehicle moving upwards away from the firing point which proves it was a manned vehicle and not empty.

Seconds later, Hezbollah fighter fires his Kornet missile after locking on the military vehicle and the narrator says that two missiles were fired at the vehicle to confirm its destruction and the other missile appears approaching the vehicle from the left of the screen.

Impact and the vehicle go into a fireball, clear destruction. One of the firing points is 1.5 kilometers far from the borders with Lebanon, and the second at around 4 kilometers.

Now Israeli IDF terrorists, their command, their politicians and their media cannot lie any further, especially embattled Netanyahu, the prime minister whose failure in the upcoming elections on 17th of this month will mean he will be facing prison time for 3 counts of bribery and corruption, the only thing keeping him outside prison is the immunity he’s now enjoying in his PM post.

Netanyahu not only proved he’s ‘Mr. Insecurity’, he proved he’s ‘Mr. Liar’ at all levels.

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