The Final Damascus Saga & The Assassination of Dr. Bashar Al Assad

NATO Sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria
NATO Sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria

A former diplomat from a GCC country claimed in a short chat that his country’s officials have received confirmed information from sources in the United States administration that the assassination of the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al Assad is a matter of days only, after which the whole Syrian crisis will find its way to resolving, the US style.

Since the beginning of the riots in Syria aka the Arab Spring, or the Syrian Revolution, the goals escalated from calling for the ability to sell plots of lands at the borders with Jordan to investors from the Gulf countries and mainly from Qatar who showed weird desire to buy big chunks of land at the strategic borders connecting Syria, Jordan, occupied Palestine and Lebanon, those calls swiftly were fueled and escalated, when the Syrian government reacted fast and introduced all laws that exceeded any expectations the planners had, to reach the toppling of the Syrian state at any cost and the ending of the Syrian president’s life.

NATO Sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria
NATO Sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria

We’ve witnessed throughout almost 3 years now all types of lies and liars with straight faces and all types of imaginable and non-imaginable media fabrications to ensure the Syrian crisis will end with the destruction of Syria with the largest bill of Syrian citizens blood for the success of the western ‘revolution’.

The western ‘analysts’ and ‘strategists’ fail on purpose or by default due to stupidity to realize the fact that the Syrian people are harder to fool than others and in their vast majority didn’t fall in the traps of the ‘democracy’ NATO or Wahhabism style, therefore, they’re giving it their last effort yet they plan it to be their deadliest to ‘finish the Syrian crisis’.

In the information conveyed a large number of terrorists highly trained by NATO experts in north of Jordan estimated around 7,000 Wahhabi suicide Jihadists, supervised by a former figure in the Saudi embassy in Washington known as R. M. This R. M. moved back to Saudi Arabia with his boss the infamous Bandar Ben Sultan Al Saud aka Bandar Bush and was appointed as an assistant to the deputy head of the Saudi ‘intelligence’ services led by Bandar Bush.

R. M. who traveled to Saudi recently to report to his commanders the readiness of his ‘holy warriors’ to ‘liberate’ Syria from its dignity and the zero hour was set which is supposed to be within the coming 72 to 96 hours maximum. His 7,000 anti-Islamic anti-Christ soldiers will move up north crossing the Jordanian borders into Syria using latest shipment of armored vehicles and surface to air missiles especially the anti-helicopter ones, the terrorists will move from Sahm side towards Quneitra then turn left to meet the other 5,000 already readied terrorists coming towards Damascus from Smad and Manieh villages in Daraa and reaching the river at Damascus outskirts.

The attack is coordinated with sleeping cells including big numbers of terrorists who claimed they repented the fight against the Syrian government and dropped their weapons during the latest unusual ‘reconciliation’ process in many villages in Damascus countryside.

The Israelis promised to open corridors for wounded Al Qaeda Wahhabi FSA terrorists to be treated in their hospitals and to use their latest jamming radars paid for by the US taxpayers.

Meanwhile and as planned for a long while now, two groups of terrorists will try to storm the presidential palace and a couple of other sites in the Syrian capital suspected to be places where the Syrian president and his family move in between. The main goal of these suicide bombers is to be granted the largest numbers of houris (mermaids) in exchange of killing Dr. Bashar Al Assad and all his family members they can reach.

The terrorists move was set to be due during the second phase of ill talks of Geneva 2, but were delayed due to logistic reasons.

Al Saud and Al Thani of Qatar (pronounced Gutter) have this final move to accomplish their goals in destroying the last secular country in the region with the help of their Israeli brethren. If they win, the entire region will be set to endless chaos and hundred of thousands of innocents will be massacred for ethnic and sectarian basis, the world will sit idle and the UN chief will express his worries.

In the event Al Saud, Al Thani and their terrorists fail in this and they lose their core army of terrorists entering into a killing zone by the one and only SAA, the world will witness the beginning of the end of the most politically and socially retarded regimes on our planet, the so called Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the entire Gulf will be reshaped. This is the most likely scenario to happen.

Saudi terrorists
Saudi terrorists

The role of the Russians is very murky, the role of the Iranians in this part is even murkier, both seen to be favoring the weakening of a strong Syria to enforce their shortsighted goals, the first to fulfill the promise to secure the ‘state of  Israel’, the over 1 million Russian Jews living illegally on occupied land, and the Gazprom investments in the Mediterranean, and the latter to see their export of the sectarian based ‘Islamic Awakening’ working out.

If in whatever Kerry’s ‘all options on the table’ scenarios achieved they manage to kill the Syrian president they will only fulfill Dr. Assad’s wish to be a martyr defending his country, and they will only have to suffer the consequences of the earthquake he kept warning them to their crazy and deaf ears.

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