Electric Power Cut off in Tal Tamr Area after Erdogan’s Terrorists Shelling

Tal Tamr electric power targeted - Hasakah Syria

Indiscriminate shelling by al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists of the towns in Tal Tamr countryside, northeast of Syria, resulted in material damage in the power supply to the region.

Al-Qaeda terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan, NATO’s top leader, used artillery and missiles in their aggression on a number of villages in the countryside of Tal Tamr area, Hasakah northwestern countryside.

An official source stated that material damage to the 20 K.V. electric power supply at the Mutslateh village, between Tal Tamr and Abu Rassin, resulted in cutting the power supply to the region affected. The official in the Syrian Electric Power Establishment added that maintenance teams will be heading to evaluate the damage and start repairing once their entry is secured from the terrorist attacks.

Erdogan is trying to increase the areas under the control of his army and terrorist groups working with the Turkish army in Hasakah province as Trump forces are facing further difficulties stealing Syrian oil in the region and in order to Israelize more towns to settle families of Syrian and foreign terrorists he imported from all sides of the planet in the houses of the Syrian locals in the region.

In their campaign, Erdogan’s terrorists from al-Qaeda and its affiliates have used all sorts of intimidating they learned from Israel in order to displace the people of the region including burning wheat fields, attacking and destroying the infrastructure in the region, and also bombing the residents’ houses, contemplating the work of the Kurdish separatist militia in the region who operate under the protection of Trump forces and try as well to Israelize as much land as they can to expand the Second Israel that started in northern Iraq under the name of Kurdistan.

The US-led War of Terror and War of Attrition against the Syrian people does not only seek regime change in the country, the regime change is only a tool to turn independent prosperous developing countries into failed states dependent on US corporations which loot their resources in exchange for ready very expensive, and mostly harmful, end produce and products.

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  1. Until when they’ll be depending on Erdogan’s protection? He will not live forever, not even more than a few years, and maybe much less as head of the Turkish regime, but they and their children will soon enough face justice for their crimes. Erdogan, and his masters, depends on limited brains to succeed in achieving their agendas.