Dr. Khaled al Asaad the Latest Martyr in the US Cultural Genocide Against Syria


by Miri Wood, RNC

Syrian archaeologist Dr. Khaled al Asaad, Director of Antiquities in Palmyra, was brutally murdered on 18 August 2015, his body tied to a traffic light pole, his severed head between his feet.  The rabid proxy army of the imperialist powers so hate science and beauty, that they added to their perversity by keeping his glasses on his head.

He was killed by the takfiri savages who have been funded, armed, and trained by the US, Britain, France, and their rabid underlings in the Levant and the Gulf.   A sign affixed to his body listed his crimes as including being a passionate patriot, and member of the Ba’ath Party [since 1954, just a few years after the Syrian people threw out the French occupiers]. One Syrian described his depraved murder as part of an “organized series of crimes against our history to wipe out any connection with our past.”

Those words expose the perverse efficiency of cultural genocide:  Slaughtering the past, present, and future, simultaneously.




The 82 year old scholar, and father of eleven, led the excavations and restoration of Palmyra, for 40 years. In 2003, he retired, and spent his retirement being the expert in the Antiquities and Museums Department.


“I was born here, I will die here.” Dr. al Asaad


“They murdered a great man, but they will never silence history.” US tax dollars at work


In May, the Syrian Arab Army evacuated much of the ancient city.  Dr. al Asaad would not leave his home.

Palmyra (تدمرTadmor, Arabic), in the Homs governate northeast of Damascus, dates back to the second millennium BCE.  The fertile oasis was part of the Silk Road that connected the cultures of Syria, Persia, India, and China, through trade and travel.



Today we could have had a Syrian archaeology director in Italy.  Obama, Renzi, Merkel, and ISIS decided otherwise [1]

Today, the war criminals that have been terrorizing Syria — and the various war propagandizing media — have all condemned this heinous killing; their tears, though, relate to the fact that despite one month of having been tortured, Dr. al Asaad would not tell the savages where the antiquities had been hidden.

In between the shocked tears of the war-mongering media, comes another round of criminal lies, including repeating the demoralizing campaign of terror, in early July, that the takfiri had executed more than two dozen Syrian soldiers in the Palmyra Colosseum.


The following photographs are courtesy of Emilio Lambiase, who stopped in Tadmor while bicycling from Damascus to Baghdad, against the genocidal Anglo-American embargo.  Mr. Lambiase was greeted by Professor al Asaad, and attended a press conference and luncheon in the School of Restoration, 13 August 2001.










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1 Comment

  1. what a waste and terrible end to such a brilliant and very brave archaeologist dr.al asaad .unlike the vermin takfiri and their supporters bringing nothing but misery and destruction. hell awaits them= peace to the good Syrian people. best wishes Brian.