Assad to SAA: You’re Ready to Clean Idlib from Terror

Assad in Idlib

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad visited the Syrian Arab Army units at the forefront with NATO terrorists in Al-Hobait town, Idlib southern countryside and summed up what can be conceived as the next step for the SAA: Clean Idlib.

During his visit to the newly cleaned town, Dr. Assad called the Turkish pariah Erdogan with very bad words but very accurate and descriptive, he called him as a small slave actor given roles by his masters the Americans, he also reminded the troops how Erdogan is a thief who stole Syrian wheat, factories, plants, and how Erdogan stole the Syrian oil in cooperation with ISIS.

Assad mocked how Erdogan only follows orders from his American masters and how he cannot say no or oblige by his own words for more than an hour like when Erdogan declared he will not be meeting the US Vice President and within less than an hour he changed his mind. Also, he exposed how Erdogan is not trusted by his own inner circle in his party and in his regime.

Watch this video of Dr. Assad’s visit to Al-Hobait and his meeting with the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army fighting NATO terrorists on behalf of humanity, video with English captions:

Video also available on BitChute:

This remarkable daring visit and the statements by Dr. Assad against the anti-Islamic hypocrite untrustworthy Erdogan comes on the day the latter is due to meet with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a pre-agreed meeting and at the end of the US-enforced ceasefire to enable them to free up to 300 of US troops before being encircled by the Syrian Arab Army.

President Assad attended a live artillery shelling with the Republican Guards, received by Brigadier Suhail Al-Hassan:

Assad’s words against Erdogan close any door for mending relations with the current Turkish pariah. His words to the Syrian Arab Army couldn’t be clearer that the zero hour to relaunch the military operation to clean the rest of the Syrian province from NATO terrorists is coming within a very short time.

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