Assad: Erdogan Didn’t Say a Single Word of Truth Since Beginning of Crisis

Assad Interview
President Bashar Al Assad with Turkish Ulusal & Aydinlik media

‘Erdogan didn’t say a single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis

‘No doubt the stance of the scholars, like Buti, was essential in foiling this plot, meant to inflict sectarian strife, that’s why they assassinated Dr. Buti, and two days ago they assassinated another cleric in Aleppo, and they assassinated a number of scholars before’

President Bashar Al Assad to Turkish Ulusal TV station And Aydinlik Newspaper in an interview recorded today, April 02, 2013 and will be aired on Friday, April 05, 2013.

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    • Most probably all those Turks involved in the interview will end up prosecuted by Erdogan's Muslim Brotherhood government 'conspiring against the secularism of Turkish state', or 'conspiring to carry out a military coup', or any of the reasons Erdogan used to jail hundreds of journos before..

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