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US Naval Attack on Syria: Only with huge losses

Syria: Terrorist groups are using stimulant and synthetic drugs.

While it seems that there is now evidence that the foreign-supported terrorists in Syria are using several kind of stimulant and synthetic drugs, the military analyst and expert of strategic studies, Dr. Mostafa Zahra, said in a recent interview that the supersonic and long-range anti-ship Yakhont missiles of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are deterrents to an attack by the warships of the US military in the Mediterranean Sea. However, any war is to condemn and just increases the suffering of the people.

Dr. Mostafa Zahra, a military analyst and strategic studies expert, said in his interview that the long-range anti-ship Yakhont missiles of the Syrian army and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah are “serious deterrents” for Washington’s plans to carry out a U.S. naval attack on Syria by its warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

The military analyst, Dr. Mostafa Zahra, further said in this interview from Monday, that also the Iskandar high-precision ballistic missiles as well as the anti-ship Scud missiles of the Syrian army will target the warships of the United States in the Mediterranean Sea in case Washington launches the attempt of a naval invasion of Syria.

Dr. Mostafa Zahra then referred to the situation that the vessels of the American military are not capable to intercept or divert the Syrian anti-ship missiles because the U.S. warships are not equipped with any relevant weapons systems.

The so-called Yakhont missle, the P-800 Oniks, is a Russian (Soviet) supersonic anti-ship cruise missile that has been developed by the NPO Mashinostroyeniya as a ramjet version of P-80 Zubr. The Yakhont missles of the Syrian army have a range of about 300 kilometres. The Yakhont missiles (P-800 Oniks) can be launched from land, sea, air and also from submarines, of course. The NATO codename for the P-800 Oniks (Yakhont missiles) is “SS-N-26″.

So, according to this military expert, any military intervention by the U.S. military in Syria and also any airstrike from the U.S. warships in front of the Syrian coast would have also the result of dead American soldiers and this is probably a situation Washington really wants to prevent. At least, the Obama administration is not really interested in further news about more killed American soldiers in another senseless war (based on propaganda and lies) in the Middle East.

As mentioned above, there is finally evidende that the armed terrorist groups in Syria are using stimulant and synthetic drugs, which they receive from their backers outside the Arab nation. According to reports, units of the Syrian Army have found different types of pills in former strongholds of the armed terrorist and jihadist groups in Syria.

A war ship at the dock open ocean in the background

Al-Alam reports, for example, that Captagon is one of the most common ones found in these strongholds of the armed terrorists after the successful mop-up operations by the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

Further, the police in Lebanon was able to stop an attempt to smuggle trailers filled with large amounts of these Captagon pills into Syria just two days ago. The Lebenese police were able to seize six trailers filled with large amounts of Captagon pills in the town of Saadnayel (Bekaa Valley of Lebanon).

According to sources from Syria, the use of drugs, doping substances and even alcohol has been allowed by the leaders of many extremist groups fighting in Syria against the secular Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Some say the armed extremist groups in Syria are losing all kinds of limitations they traditionally hold in order to still be able to maintain their terrorism in Syria.


  1. Stimulants are not new to warfare, by any means. With a limited sized force, not everyone can stay awake all the time and, when SAA or NDF comes calling exhausted rats are relatively easy meat, hence the stimulants. They get killed anyway, but at least they’ll be awake when they get burned down.

  2. 300 kilometers? that’s what – – about 180 miles? So you’re telling the world that if the navy stands off 200 miles they can still launch Tomahawks to any location in Syria? What could possibly be wrong with this picture?

    • good question. in my opinion, the military expert above is wrong. Syria has no chance in case NATO / US will launch an attack. When Israel is able to hit targets in Syria so easily, then the others are also able to do so. The rest is a part of Syrian fairy tales.

  3. I am worried that the US is trying to instigate a Syrian response against Israel, bc the SAF will not be able to retaliate against cruise missiles directly. With such a response, the door is then open for a massive assault by the US, and of course the IDF. In Iraq a response against Israel (by Iraq) did not happen because the US intervened in western Iraq by destroying Scud bases there and sending in ground forces from Jordan in the vey beginning of the war, parallel to the massive bombing of Baghdad.
    I just wonder how the Israelis like a possible US attack against Syria, which is undoubtedly in the making. A Hizbollah reponse is the minimum they have to expect as a reponse, possibly killing innocent Israelis, who are just as fed up with the political misery in the ME as we are.
    The US potentially “sacrificing” a strategic partner’s citizens to achieve their goal of toppling the Syrian government. Almost unbelievable unless, of course, the Israelis consent to that…
    Well, yes, the Israelis want to get rid of the Assad government. But they also know about the terrible security situation that will follow. Anyone who thinks that the Israelis are happier with an MB regime in Syria and formerly in Egypt, than they are with a stable government fighting terrorism, does not know Israel’s security concerns.
    It is, tough, equally true that the Israelis want to see Hizbollah and Assad gone from their borders.
    They are obsessed with security and really do not care whether [their] threat is MB, Shia-led, Palestinian nationalist, Iran or secular.
    By looking at whom they (the Israelis) support right now, their prime concern seems to get rid of President Assad and limit the resistance and influence of Iran. They are well aware that the aftermath is no child-toy to be dealt with, but that’s a new and separate situation. The guarantor to Israeli security will then be the US. Remember when Turkey and Israel were on the brink of conflict? Or when the MB took over Egypt? It took some “interference” by the US to bring those regimes back to the US path of ME politics.
    Right now the MB coalition is not yet strong enough to openly support Hamas and resist Israel, especially after the (temporary?) defeat of the MB in Egypt. But if you imagine a ME controlled by Islamic hardliners and the MB, they will sooner or later turn against their previous feeder and supporter America and eventually also Israel.
    What does all that mean for Syria? Bad fortune – Assad’s days and freedom are soon to be history. And to Israel? They will be forced into an agreement with the Palestinians, whether they like it or not. Same for the Palestinians.
    Whatever economic interests are behind it, they are not the prime reason for all those crazy interventions. Issues such as pipelines, oil & gas, Suez canal access, etc, etc. are “solved” on a side track – sometimes with success for the US, sometimes not.
    The prime reason is Israeli security. And the US seems to be willing to flatten any nation that dares speak out against Israel, even Turkey – just wait a couple of decades when the MB empires and Turkey will turn into the monster that the US had once created and which will eventually turn against it’s creator…

    • Obama is no friend of Israel. He has supported the MB since day one in office. Obama is a puppet and his masters need to destroy Americas economy, the dollar specifically, in order to bring everyone into a global community I.e. New World Order. A huge war in the Mid East would destabilize the whole region and put a stranglehold on the American economy. Our reliance on foreign oil makes us weak and Obama and company know this all too well. Hence the constant new laws and regs preventing America from being energy independent. This has been going on since Bush I, so theres plenty of blame to go around. We can stick a final nail in the US coffin if/when we bomb the crap out of Syria.

      • Geez, Ed! Nobody was supposed to figure it out! Actually, it’s been going on since at least the end of the Theodore Roosevelt administration, but now it’s shifted gears to Full Tilt Boogie.

    • :Hey, AH. I don’t think that the Israelis are nearly as stupid as their government. Kinda like Americans (mostly, except for the Obamabots and Kool-Aid drinkers) are a lot smarter than the US government. I think that most Israelis understand that when, repeat WHEN, Israel gets jammed up hard and calls DC, no one will answer the phone. The majority of Americans have also figured out that that the politicians have figured out that the only way to keep 40 million American vets from nailing our own domestic rats to their own front doors is to keep ginning up wars all over the place, plus there’s a lot of oil in Syria so an armed robbery in the process of keeping the military a long way from home wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s no secret that Obama is some sort of wigged out Islamist. We’ve all seen the video of Obama diving for the Mufti’s crotch. Anyone in the States who cares enough to do a little research knows that there are thousands of proven wells which have been capped, and that the only new refinery to be built in the US, in thirty years, belongs to dinky little Marathon Oil, in North Dakota. It’s a mess, AH, and you can sense heavy action coming on, soon, right here in The Land of the Big PX. Remember that the First New World Order that we know about was the Persian Empire. Whoa! Jump back, Jack! Is that where we’re heading, after all? In ten years will we all be speaking Farsi? I remember when the threat was ‘If we don’t stop Hitler now, in ten years we’ll all be speaking German.’ Look around, AH; Where are Darius, Alexander, Augustus Caesar and Adolf Hitler today? New World Orders are like busses, AH – – if you miss one, another will be a long in a bit.

  4. The Barack H. Obama will NOT BE Successful in the Syrian case, The Syria is Not Afghanistan, and Not Iraq for this. Just Like Mad, Sadist, Foolish, & Nonsense, Mr. Bush.
    The genocide of innocent Muslim in Islamic Countries are going daily from a long Time. All eye for and eye has be done in Syrian war very soon. The Americans must know that Time will be going against them. They can’t Do any things in the World. The Conspiracy theory are going Failed in the World by American CIA, FBI, Great Britain, MI5, MI6, Greater Israel, MOSSAD & Zionist FREEMASON, Jewish Lobbies of the World. Just Like Holocaust, 11/9 failure case, or Old World Order, witch converted To The, Islamic New World Order. When a childhood of Freemason is being initiated to Brotherhood in the third world Muslim countries, are impossible for them to survive their spiritual or surveillance after four hundred years.
    The Time will come for Americans To stop war in the World. The world politics are totally changed, after Obama 2nd term Election or Selection in 2012. The world were Not agree with there poor politics, after Afghanistan & Iraq aggression. Just NOW in Syria they Never will be SUCCESS in their goals.( It will be a time of global peace, prosperity and truth. May that time come soon. AMEN ) If the war start then the whole world will go on Wars for a long long a Time. May be 3rd world war or 4th world war will be start from Israel & Saudi Arabia. The Obama starts war in Syria, Just Like Mad Bush in Afghanistan & Iraq before it. This war will be between Islamic world verses Christian & Jewish Lobby. ( Nothings moor).The Brave Obama will success in the Syrian cause, The Jewish and Zionist LOBBIES are Failure & Not there Rights for their costs.?..The Brave Obama will successful in the Syrian cause, The Syria is Not Afghanistan, or Not Iraq for him. Just Look Like Mad, Sadist, Foolish, Nonsense, Mr. Bush & Bush Fathers ?.
    The Rothschild banking empire want to rule the world. The Little Israel tethered to the US was meant to finally conquer Syria, Egypt,Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and US involvement? the Jewish people? or the Rothschild Zionists? . the CIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, MI5, MI6, NCIS, FSB, DGSE, Mossad and so on , Will The Lights Go Out In America?.
    The Barack Obama will NOT BE Successful in the Syrian war, The Syria is Not Afghanistan, and Not Iraq for this. Just Like Mad, Sadist, Foolish, & Nonsense, Mr. Bush and Push by Bush…
    The Barack H. Obama will NOT BE Successful in the Syrian crisis future case,? The Syria is Not Afghanistan, and Not Iraq for this. Just Like Mad, Sadist, Foolish, & Nonsense, Mr. Bush..The Conspiracy theory are going Failed in the World by American CIA, Great Britain, MI5, MI6, Israel, MOSSAD & Zionist FREEMASON, Jewish Lobbies of the World…When a childhood of Freemason is being initiated to Brotherhood in the third world countries, are impossible for them to survive their spiritual or surveillance after four hundred years..
    The” man who saw tomorrow” Nostradamus is a Big Lie of Freemason, Zionist, Anarchist, & Jewish Lobbies..It’s TRUTH That The CIA, FBI, NSA, ASIO, MI5, MI6, NCIS, FSB, DGSE, Mossad and every intelligence agency in the world are masonic and controlled by the Jesuits.! ? WAH! WAH,! ?
    The unleashing of Talmud Care upon Jewmerica is going to get very ugly. If Jews are so great and so CHOSEN, why the need to control everything? .What the world needs is a moral re-awakening.
    When a childhood of Freemason is being initiated to Brotherhood in the third world ans Muslim Countries are impossible for them to survive their spiritual or surveillance after four or Five Hundred years ago’s.. The ‘Acts of terrorism’ by Taliban extremists in Pakistan are un-Islamic way…The Barack Obama will NOT BE Successful in the Syrian case, The Syria is Not Afghanistan, and Not Iraq for this. Just Like Mad, Sadist, Foolish, & Nonsense, Mr. Bush…The Conspiracy theory are going Failed in the World by American CIA, FBI, Great Britain, MI5, MI6, Israel, MOSSAD & Zionist FREEMASON, Jewish Lobbies of the World.. Why The NAFTA would have failed. ?. The Fraud of 11/9 & Old World Order are coming Out Of Date for the World..The Future of European, Israel, & Americans are very drake.The Black Magick Masonic Control of Zionism, Israel, and Current Middle East Events! ?
    The Civil War coming To America, Israel, & European Countries. The US army are coming down, the “fall” of capitalism, and the Zionism, are going to use the word round to describe the old, they are geographically isolated, from world, and also unconnected world.The New World Order Scam were became Old World Order Now a days .
    Why The “war on terror. or ” terror on war ” is failed. ?
    Why the 11/9 case are going against Americans.? Why ?
    Why American are going Failure in Syrian crisis war, just like Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan.?
    Why the play-by-play the big dirty game results are going against Israel, Americans, & UK. ?
    Why Israel are going isolated in the world. ? And Why the American were geographically isolated in the World.?
    Why the Economic World War Crisis came in front of American, Israel & Europe.?
    Thanks, before the W.W. 3 ” and ” W.W. 4 .