terrorism scarring syrians


Street sweepers were one of FSA’s favorite victims from the start of the “revolution”. Even volunteers weren’t spared, just a couple of days ago FSA attacked a group of volunteers cleaning the streets of Aleppo and beat them up.

Now garbage is piling up and with it rodents, and bugs. Diseases and infections that we almost conquered prior to the “revolution” are coming back with vengeance. Results are showing as hundreds of cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis, also known as “Aleppo Boil”, are being discovered daily in Aleppo city alone.

Most of the cases are among children, but whole families got the infection that would leave its bearer scarred. The infection that needs 10-15 shots already exhausted the already small supply of medicine in Aleppo.

To learn more on the infection that’s leaving the faces and bodies of Syrians scarred: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutaneous_leishmaniasis

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