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Tawfiq AlBouti on the Video of His Father Murder

Twenty days after the horrific murder of Sheikh AlBouti with over 45 of his students, a video of the attack was released. The video shows the explosion, then the still alive Sheikh adjusts his hat. People rush to check on the Sheikh, instantly. They look dizzy and their movement hurried, some even drop due to injury. After they check on the Sheikh he falls down dead. The video was analyzed by the never yielding MSM. They claimed that the explosion couldn’t have killed anyone and that the sheikh was finished off by those who rushed to check on him. Today the son of Sheikh AlBouti, Tawfiq who lost a son too in the attack, talked of the murder and the video:

“All the injured told the same story of the bombing, a man entered the mosque & sat alone. Later he walked and bombed himself. My father leaned to the right after being injured and tried to adjust his hat. When the injury took effect he fell to the left.”

“There was no shooting inside the mosque. My martyred son had rushed to his grandfather side, without noticing his mortal injury. He died because of it later. Who got up to check on my father, is his grandson, my murdered son, not a murderer as the MSM claimed.”

Video of the terrorist attack inside Al-iman mosque murdering Sheikh Al-Bouti with 52 other worshipers then his son Dr. Tawfiq Al-Bouti’s interview with English subtitles:



  1. Wait, wasn't the bombing originately reported as a car bomb outside the mosque on national television?

  2. This is so hard to watch and what a profound interview with Al-Bouti's son. Was it a co-conspirator who was filming or did Dr. Al-Bouti's lesson usually get filmed?

    • All his lessons were filmed but the option of a conspirator sitting there should never be downplayed. Most of the suicide bombers will have people overlooking their missions in case they chicken out or decide to surrender, and there would be those who need a proof to get the money for their crimes.