Targeting of ANNA News Crew in Harasta

Abkhazian Network News Agency ANNA
Abkhazian Network News Agency ANNA

Al Qaeda FSA Wahhabi terrorists directly targeted the crew of Abkhazian Network News Agency known as ANNA News during while they were passing by Harasta city north east of Damascus killing the driver and injuring members of the crew.

ANNA News, a foreign independent news agency operating in Syria have its professional journalist crew embedded with the Syrian Arab Army units in combat zones to record as much incidents as possible, they have the credit to exclusive reporting of battles in Harasta, Qaboun, Jobar, Darayya in and near Damascus, and in other cities especially in Homs.

The following video clip contains Graphic footage and your discretion is advised:

The attack is not its first direct attempt at journalists by the Obama regime death squads, a number of journalists were targeted directly and killed by western backed terrorists and in many cases the first accusations by the western mainstream media is directed at the Syrian Arab Army to benefit from the deaths of their colleagues in demonizing the SAA and to invest in the blood, like what happened to Gilles Jacquier, the French journalist killed in Homs by a mortar shell first blamed the SAA for then proved to be by Al Qaeda FSA.

Maya Nasser, was assassinated by a sniper during his coverage of the attack on the SAA Chief Command quarters in Omayyad Square. Martyr Nasser was a Syrian investigative journalist and he was working on a documentary that would incriminate the Muslim Brotherhood prime minister of Turkey Erdogan in aiding the terrorists in Syria. His colleague Hussein Murtada was and is still being targeted in assassination attempts.

Meanwhile, the European, US and their stooges presumably promoting ‘free speech’ in Syria have banned Syrian based media off satellite air, and some websites off the internet to maintain an monopoly over the news coming out of Syria. was also banned in Turkey for its stance against the Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling NATO member state and a big supporter of Al Qaeda terrorists, from harboring to training to smuggling into Syria and not limiting their aid to supplying the radical Wahhabi terrorists with weapons and money.

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