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Syrian Electronic Army Pays a Visit to The Onion

Syrian Electronic Army, a group of patriotic Syrians known for their high profile hacking paid The Onion a visit on its Facebook page and Twitter social media accounts, posted a few posts that left some people upset and many pleasant. ‘UN’s Ban Ki Moon condemns Syria for being struck by israel: “It was in the way of Jewish missiles“‘ and ‘Israel denies forging new alliance with Al Qaeda: “We were friends all along, so it can’t be new” – IDF Spokesperson‘ and many more.

Part of the tweets SEA posted on @TheOnion The Onion Twitter account

We tried to collect all the tweets posted before they were deleted as they really were as funny they are, as sadly in reality they reflect the feelings of the Syrian people of the United Nations, citizens of the self-claimed ‘International Community’ aka NATO, and the Arab world, more of the tweets:

‘UN retracts report of Syrian chemical weapon use: “Lab tests confirm it is Jihadi body odor”.

Israeli state now classified as a cancer by the CDC since it attacks nearby healthy cells and consumes all resources #SEA

The #Onion CEO: “We regret taking Zionist money to defame Syria, now the hackers are up our ass”

Tweets from The Onion Hacking by SEA

We only wish this one was a joke, but this is what we have to live through in #Syria. – with a picture of Obama smiley face saying: I Don’t Always Fund Al-Qaeda, But When I Do, I Prefer To Call Them “Rebels”.

Onion News Network @ONN, seems like a retweeting account posted: ‘Israeli state now classified as a cancer by the CDC since it attacks nearby healthy cells and consumes all resources #SEA’

@ONN also was hacked

The Qatari Emir, or Prince of Qatar Hamad Ben Thani Al Khalifa received his share also, since he’s one of the main backers in ‘democracy’ NATO-style anywhere but his own Sheikhdom had his share as well with this tweet: ‘NASA: 9th planet discovered and identified as the Qatari Emir Hamad Bin Khalifah

Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani, Owner of Qatar Gas Station funding terrorists worldwide the universe’s 9th star

Their Facebook page was visited but seems the admin of their page there was faster than the admin of their Twitter account and managed to delete whatever posts SEA posted there, but one of our friends managed to take a screen shot of one of the posts before it was deleted:

The Onion on Facebook visited by SEA

The Facebook status update says: ‘Israel government declares: we cannot protect you anymore, going back to Europe is safer‘, obviously it attracted some angry audience there, whatever..

The Onion satire site has a good share of readership, almost 5 million followers on Twitter, and 2.3 million on Facebook, and the Syrian Electronic Army hacking as proved wasn’t intended to cause any harm rather to spread awareness to the double standards and the suffering Syrians have been enduring throughout more than 2 years on daily and even hourly base, the last of which was the unprovoked attack 2 days ago against a Syrian Arab Army depot and a poultry facility that supplies the troops with food, and if it’s not for the very wise handling of the Syrian leadership of this aggression, the entire region and beyond would be in flames already, and Syrian government has already stated it utilized all the patience it had in regards with Israeli aggression and gave instructions to the Syrian Arab Army units to retaliate to any future aggression without waiting for orders from higher commands while it seeks an international response to the latest or the SAA will retaliate.

The Onion wasn’t SEA’s first target and will definitely not be the last and in the meantime while they work on improving their cyber security and even when they do they would expect more visits from the SEA to spread awareness until the Syrian crisis is over.


  1. Upon being asked by a previously faithful reader, "How many New Israeli Shekels did it take to purchase the wit of The Onion and divide it by two?" a full time censor was immediately hired to delete such questions, while another administrator of TO's facebook page was dispatched to re-post "the worst of 'The Onion,'" (ok, that prom dress *was* pretty), ponder the procreative abilities of seedless fruit, and post an editorial cartoon that is breaking records in numbers of cyber rotten tomatoes thrown at it.

    According to an SEA spokesperson, The Onion's only chance of re-stabilization is to study Swift's "A Modest Proposal," and Poe's "Lionizing," in order to grasp that satire only works when it is based on truth.

  2. The guys at The Onion can't take a dose of satire themselves commenting with so much anger… what fail:

  3. FP's whining about the fat jokes.