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Syrian Died from Torture by FSA

Syrian Died from Torture by FSA

A 54 years old Syrian man died from the torture he suffered at FSA’s hands. Doctors tried but failed to save Ibrahim Khalil Ali’s life. He died because of kidney failure. The extensive damage his kidneys suffered, which finally killed him, was caused by FSA’s electric shock torture.

Ibrahim Khalil Ali was “arrested” by an FSA group on Wednesday 3/4/2013 on the outskirts of AlAshrafieh – Aleppo at an FSA checkpoint. For three days he was tortured by Khaled Hyani’s group. Few days ago he was thrown in the street by the terrorists, almost dead.

Before he died, Ibrahim spoke of his experience in FSA’s torture chambers.

“Khaled Hyani’s group at AlSakan AlShababi area arrests passersby. They hold at least 50 hostages, Kurds and Syrians. Hostages that are being tortured in the most barbaric way several times a day.”

As you can see through the photos Ibrahim was severely whipped on the back and the thighs area.

Some of these photos were shared in an earlier post (From FSA Torture Chambers in Aleppo), without the specifics of the case. Ibrahim’s name was kept anonymous until he died.

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  1. Bless the good people of Syria!