syria syrian army soon retake western homs

Syrian Army
Syrian Army

Homs, Syria – The units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will soon retake the control of the Western districts of the city of Homs. The operations by troops of the Syrian army are already carried out in order to restore security and safety in the Western city of Homs and it is foreseeable that it just needs a bit more time till the West of Homs is free of foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists again.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have advanced into several districts of the city of Homs already yesterday. Among these parts of Homs are, for example, the districts of Khaldiyeh, Qusour and also Jouret al-Shayah.

In addition, the Syrian army was even able to advance into some parts of the famous Old Homs.

In these operations, the units of the Syrian army have killed and eliminated numerous foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists. Also some explosive devices were dismantled and destroyed in these operations on Saturday. It is to expect that the units of the Syrian military will find more explosive devices today.

The operations of the Syrian forces in Homs will continue today, of course. As long as the Syrian city of Homs is free of foreign-backed militants and CIA-backed al-Qaeda thugs.

Beside the already successful operations in the Syrian city of Homs, there are also battles taking place in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, which is no surprise at all. Some units of the Syrian army are carrying out several operations against the foreign-supported jihadists and gunmen in several parts of the outskirts of Damascus.

According to some sources, it looks like the units of the Syrian army are this time able to really push back some radical groups of these Takfiri militants in some parts of the Reef (outskirts) of the capital Damascus.

Sadly, some Takfiri militants have (according to some reports from the area) fired two mortar shells at two schools in the districts of Amara and Mazra’a (both Damascus). At least, this attack just ended in material damage and no teenager was injured or killed by this cowardly attack of the foreign-backed jihadists on the two schools in the capital Damascus.

Syrian Arab Army
Syrian Arab Army

It is no surprise that these Islamists and al-Qaeda thugs attack schools – they already attacked schools and killed many Syrian teachers sind over a year now and one should not forget that these Takfiri militants and CIA-backed jihadists have an innate hatred against education.

The gunmen and Erdogan-supported religious fanatics claim that they were able to capture a checkpoint of the Syrian army in the southern area of the city of Dara`a – but so far it is either impossible to confirm or reject this claim.

It is sadly possible that this claim about the capture of the military checkpoint in the southern city of the once beautiful Dara`a is true, but it is also possible that these foreign-backed terrorists were not able to capture this checkpoint in the area of Dara´a.

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