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Syria: US setting the Stage for an Iraq-like Invasion

According to some analysts, the US administration and its typical allies are currently stepping up the pressure on the Syrian government in Damascus by using the already expected propaganda and lies about the (alleged) use of chemical weapons against the so-called “Syrian rebels” who are in reality foreign-backed militants, gunmen and jihadists.

Mainly uneducated human resources from various backwarded Syrian villages and from the entire Arab world – even from Europe, while e.g. the totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay the money for the logistics, upgrades and jihadists in order to let them rage in the secular state of Syria and to enforce chaos, bloodshed and massacres.

The war rhetoric and new propaganda against Syria was to expect and that the United States will use the chemical weapons in order to blame the Syrian Arab Army and the government in the capital Damascus for the alleged use of such horrible weapons against peaceful but bearded religious armed thugs is nothing that should surprise anybody who already followed the proxy-war of some foreign powers against Syria.

Thus, it is also no surprise that some analysts and other interested people in the situation in Syria and the war propaganda by the US administration, Israel and some subordinated European governments noticed that this media propaganda and false claims against Syria are very similar to the lies and propaganda by them ahead of the illegitimate invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Barack Obama, the US President and drone warrior, said on Friday that the world cannot just stand by and permit the use of chemical weapons in Syria while he called for an investigation of this issue on Syrian soil. The US President probably missed the sneaky methods by the United Nations (UN) and the probably upcoming arrival of Russian experts in Syria who will investigate this issue.

If the United Nations (UN) would not have tried to use the call of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to send experts in order to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons for the typical increase of such a mission in order to step a foot into Syria, there would have been a team of experts from the UN already investigating this issue on Syrian soil. But the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) acted similar to its behavior ahead of the Iraq-invasion in 2003 and thus, the Syrian government could not accept such sneaky methods.

Whenever a Western leader uses the term “international community”, be sure that he or she is using it willfully and do not think this means that the entire world supports whatever he or she is saying. The term “international community” is a farce and just used for propaganda purposes. The American human drone Barack Obama also said on Friday that the US administration will consult its partners in the Middle East and also the international community and the United Nations (UN) to pursue a really huge investigation (by the United States) on the issue of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime in Syria.

Bands of Rebels

They lied about Iraq. They’re lying about Iran and Syria.

Similar claims were raised by some Israeli and British officials, of course. As usual, birds of the same feather stick together. These officials from the occupation regime of Israel and the US-enclave Britain said exactly that chemical weapons “may have been used” by the Syrian government – read it again – may have been; while the foreign-backed militants and jihadists have used projectiles filled with chemical substances in the area of the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday. About 10 Syrian soldiers were immediately hospitalized.

Israel is meanwhile boosting the war propaganda against Syria and the pressure on its Arab allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also on their allies Turkey and in the West, of course. The Israeli regime wants a military intervention of Syria, better today than tomorrow.

There are some Syrians who already answered with statements like “let them try”. Of course, Israel has no problem with another war crime and it is also no surprise that the dictatorship and occupation power in Tel Aviv is boosting the propaganda against Syria, while their allies in the Gulf (Qatar and Saudi Arabia) would also pay a huge part of the costs of such a military intervention of Syria by foreign (Arab and Western) powers.


  1. Chemical inspection stalled: UN team can’t be trusted ‘politically’ without Russian experts – Syrian information minister

  2. Thank you for adamantly not being self-deluded. When the US pulled its photo op, too many who should have known better started braying that we might be pulling away from Brun's orwellian statement's at his press conference, which were *immediately* following by geometric expansions of Brun's goebbelsian lie; this is so not the time to take a relieved breath.

    The most fetid of back – pedaling *should* have been a significant clue that all of the FUKUS gang is on board: The soul-less individual who co-authored the New York Times version of Israel's claim, a guy named Sanger, subsequently reported that Brun gave them *no* evidence (yet no one bothered to publicly humiliate him).

    The easiest rule of thumb to follow: If *anyone* in the FUKUS countries (of which Israel, Turkey, Jordan, GCC are members) says it, it simply cannot be true.