syria country fastest growing rate of nillionaires

A Nillionaire is someone having little to no money
The definition of a Nillionaire

Nillionaires: ‘Those having little to no money.’ By no meaning and no intention at all this post is meant to be funny or near funny, this is one of the biggest man-inflicted tragedies of our current times and sponsored by a host of leading nations on the planet, what we are living now is an example of where a group of criminal minds join forces together to destroy a sovereign nation, not for anything, just for the thirst for blood.

Prior to the fake ‘Arab Spring Revolution’ in Syria, Syrian citizens were enjoying a comfortable life to some extent in spite of the harsh sanctions imposed on the whole nation by the western orchestra of clown leaders, claiming to be humanitarians, and just to punish this small but proud nation for standing up against Israel and refusing to sign a humiliating peace pact with the Zionist racist entity. Later on, the ‘revolution’ sponsored by the west and imposed using tens of thousands of imported anti-Islamic radical Wahhabi mercenary terrorists and suicide bombers, everything went downwards for the Syrian people, from an aspiring nation living in enviable security, to a dwindling nation living in fear and with a large portion of its people joining the NC, Nillionaires Club.

A Nillionaire is someone having little to no money
The definition of a Nillionaire

You must have knew that in early 2011 Syria had nil public debt, unlike the prosperous USA which lies under an astronomical burden, or like bankrupt countries in the EU. You should have known that the Syrians used to pay about 1/5th of the cost of all essentials of what citizens of neighboring countries used to pay, as the Syrian government used to and still subsidize fuel, bread, electricity power.. Healthcare was provided free of cost to all citizens and residents, so was education. Those residents included 1.2 million Iraqis who fled they country after it was invaded by the US and UK, 600,000 Palestinians and tens of thousands of Lebanese and others.

Herds of Wahhabis used by their masters attacked each form of civilization they face, they stole machinery and equipment, smuggled them to the thief Erdogan of Turkey and his clan of thugs, then they destroyed the factories, hospitals, they even stole bread and wheat and burned down crops. Slaughtering for them is a hobby, eating organs of dead soldiers and burning children in ovens is a task, those dead soldiers and children are ‘infidels’.

It will be a very difficult task to explain to the future generations how Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, Al Thani of Qatar (pronounced Gutter) and other criminals like the Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling Turkey wanted the good for Syria, it is very difficult now explaining it to people who watch the atrocities of these Wahhabi apes and how their sponsors cover for their crimes and get away with it, imagine explaining it to more sane people.

The story of the ‘Syrian Revolution’ is not a bright story to be registered in history books and taught to the coming generations, there’s not a single part of this story that holds up. Meanwhile, the ‘elite’ didn’t have enough and now want to split the ‘cake’ of the country even those who lost this heinous war and only the Syrian people are paying for that, so many are joining the Nillionaire club each day.

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