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Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

Syria: ANNA-news – Syrian Army has not used chemical weapons in Jobar.

A large-scale anti-terrorist operation began in East Ghouta on August 21 at 7.20 o`clock. The strategically important place in Ghouta, Jobar (Dschobar), is considered to be the “Key to Damascus”.

The Syrian village (Jobar) has been occupied by elite units of the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) at the end of last year.

Due to the constant fighting, the place was long abandoned by the Syrian civilians since then. At the moment, there are only rebel fighters there, no civilians.

Here, there are no Syrian women or children anymore, whose dead bodies are shown to us by the Western media today.

There are also no units of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) at this place, but only international terrorists of foreign al-Qaeda units as well as professional foreign mercenaries, who among other things have been trained by U.S. instructors in Jordan.

A massive 45 minutes incessant shelling has been carried out before the attack of the infantry. The foreign fighters suffered heavy losses by the fire of the Sturmartillerie (assault artillery) and they got into the danger of a complete encirclement and annihilation.

At 8 o`clock in the morning, the infantry got into direct contact with the enemy, close combats have begun at the entire front. Here, the battles are taking place within the buildings, dozens of the rebel fighters die by splinters and bullet hits.

Their desperate call to their sponsors in the West to stop the attack under any arbitrary excuse is therefore is understandable: in this case, under the pretext of alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), after the already earlier proven scheme of an intervention by UN observers.

At about 10 o`clock, the disinformation was published by the media in Saudi-Arabia, the United States and Israel that the Syrian Army units would have used weapons of mass destruction. In the first hours, the rebel fighters have, whether out of stupidity or desperation, named Jobar (Dschobar) as the area in which the chemical weapons would have been used.

We documented the entire progress of the military operation without interruption with dozens of cameras that have worked with different camera angles. Every expert is able to easily notice by the images of the explosions that the Syrian Army has only used standard ammunition.

There is no crawling smoke. Under consideration of the windy weather, the conditions under close combat and that the soldiers do not use gas masks, the soldiers and the camera team, who have filmed at the front, would themselves be severely affected by the effects of chemical warfare agents.

But there is nothing like that. This demonstrates once again the fact that the campaign in the media about chemical weapons operations of the Syrian army is a lie.

The intensity of the fighting is shown by the massive use of heavy weapons, rockets, recoilless guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and modern air defence weapons by the rebel fighters.

On the first day, the rebel fighters hit an armoured personnel carrier and a tank. A tank driver was killed, he leaves behind a young child. Also an infantry soldiers was killed. 17 Syrian soldiers were injured.

On the second day, a shooter of a recoilless rifle of the type B10 was killed on the spot by splinters only a few steps away from our cameraman.

On the third day of the military operation, the situation is similar.

Already the loss ratio reflects the high efficiency of the anti-terror operation.

Thereby, the rebel fighters, allegedly poisoned by sarin nerve gas, return the fire highly intensive, which testifies that the Syrian army has not used chemical agents against them.

In their impotent malice, the rebel fighters also bombard journalists and on adjacent areas of Damascus, inhabited exclusively by civilians, with grenade launchers and mortars.

Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar
Syria: ANNA-news in Jobar

Some mortar shells had been directly targeted on the Fares al-Khouri road near the Al-Abbasyeen Square, where women and children were underway at the time of the impact. The shelling is still continued till today.

The loss of Jobar (Dschobar) – the “Key to Damascus” – in front of the Geneva II-conference means the political death for the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra).

In a desperate attempt to save the remaining professional terrorists in East Ghouta, the U.S. State Department has committed an unforgivable mistake.

By the starting of the proven provocation with the chemical weapons agents, the West has de facto openly confessed its support for al-Qaeda.

ANNA-News: Vasily Pavlov, Igor Nadyrschin, Viktor Kuznetsov, Marat Musin. Syria.

Source: apxwn

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