SAA Renders Tens of Al Qaeda Fighters Peaceful in Homs – GRAPHIC

Syrian Armed Forces Kill Tens of Obama regime"s Alqaeda terrorsits
Syrian Armed Forces Kill Tens of Obama regime's Alqaeda terrorsits

A special operation carried out by Syrian Arab Army with the help of locals, National Defense and other Syrian armed forces in Khalidiyeh district in Homs has killed tens of the Obama regime’s Alqaeda FSA terrorists.

The special operation near the mills has rendered a large number of mercenary terrorists sponsored by the ‘humanitarian bastards‘ totally peaceful forever. The terrorists were stealing the wheat, grains and bread the Syrian government subsidize and provide to all residents of Syria at a 1/5th price of similar products in neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The following video uploaded by the media center of the National Defense Forces contains ULTRA GRAPHIC images of dead and almost dead Wahhabi terrorists (click on the image if you can’t see the play button):

Humanity now owes the Syrian people and the heroes of the Syrian Armed Forces a huge debt for eliminating tens of thousands of the World’s filthiest filth, the filth created by the western intelligence communities and their regional stooges and tools like the ‘world’s most retarded political regimes’ in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (pronounced Gutter).

Syrian Armed Forces Kill Tens of Obama regime’s Alqaeda terrorsits

The number of Obama regime’s terrorists killed in this ambush qualitative operation is estimated around 50 dead, no leftovers. These Alqaeda FSA terrorists get their salaries from the Al Saud of Arabia, Al Thani of Qatar and the American taxpayers.

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