SAA Delivers a Severe Blow to NATO Backed alQaeda Terrorists in Sbeneh

SAA Liberates Sbeneh South of Damascus
SAA Liberates Sbeneh South of Damascus

Syrian Arab Army seized total control over Alqaeda FSA stronghold fortifications in Sbeneh town in Damascus countryside about 10 kilometers south of Damascus.

SAA had to place a siege for 8 days around the area to make sure there won’t be civilian casualties and to mark the terrorists barricades before the remarkably heroic men attacked the terrorists from 3 axes, from Buewida side, the town the SAA liberated a short while ago, from Sikka road and from the Damascus – Daraa International Highway road.

This operation cuts the main artery supply route left for the terrorists coming from Saudi through Jordan, and from Iraq through the vast desert shared between Syria, Jordan and Iraq and open to the heartland of Wahhabistan, the Saudi family fiefdom.

SAA Liberates Sbeneh South of Damascus
SAA Liberates Sbeneh South of Damascus

FSA terrorists declared a usual ‘tactical withdrawal’ in large numbers from Sbeneh towards Hajar Aswad nicknamed Blackstone City.

SAA men fought fiercely large herds of suicide bombers and CIA trained terrorists whom themselves were terrorized with the determination of the SAA men insisting on routing out terror from Syria and restore peace and safety Syrians were accustomed to for decades and are longing for since the past 2.5 years, since Wahhabistan Saudi Arabia decided to promote ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in Syria, they don’t allow in their own fiefdom.

Syrian Arab Army men chased terrorists from room to room and from building to building in the closely densed town, killing large numbers of the Cannibal Sex Jihadists. Terrorists from a large number of groups operating under the FSA umbrella and the Nusra Front banner received a very hard blow in Sbeneh and now cornered into smaller ‘killing zones’ the SAA will need less effort in their next hunting terrorists spree.

Not only the terrorists were preparing for one more version of their ‘Damascus Saga Battle’, they were using their presence in Sbeneh to shell residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its countryside, mainly Sayyedeh Zainab and southern Damascus suburbs. The Sbeneh base was also used by terrorists to support their colleagues from Hamas and other Alqaeda groups in Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees and in nearby Darayya and Moaddamiyeh.

Instead of being able to lure the Syrian Arab Army in side fights all over the Syrian geography to exhaust the regular army troops, the SAA adapted to the requirements of the battle in tactics, forces, and weapons used, and lured the terrorists into ‘Killing Zones’ leading to huge successes in the war against terror fought and won by Syrians alone against a worldwide coalition of killers, killers’ allies and the silent world.

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