Russia and France to Begin Mephistophelan Waltz, in Syria

Elegant Perfidy

Miri Wood, RNc

On Tuesday, 24 November, Turkey’s air force shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber jet, in an area of Syria that Turkey had unilaterally annexed.  The two Russian pilots ejected; Captain Konstantin Murakhtin was rescued during a 12 hour mission by Syrian special forces, with the assistance of Hizbullah fighters, and Lt. Col. Oleg Peshkov became the first Russian martyred on Syrian soil, when he was captured and murdered by FSA or one of its many, many, terrorist offshoots (as it is quite difficult attempting to keep up with the nom du jour of these killers, this author finds the generic use of “takfiri” most efficient in labeling the killers).

Col. Peshkov’s body was barely exiting rigor, when RT published a breathless “Op-Edge” report that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and France’s President Francois Hollande, during a meeting in Moscow, had agreed to join forces in bombing Syria, with the added benefit that France will continue to arm the takfiri who have been terrorizing the country for almost five years.

Considering that the alleged masterminds of the recent Paris atrocities were French nationals, would it not make more sense for Russia and France to collaborate, instead, in the bombing of France?

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One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

Perhaps the Op-Edger‘s heart going all aflutter at the news that Syria’s friend, Russia, is collaborating with a country that has engaged in war crimes against it, may be blamed on relief from the boring foreplay between the two countries, in early October, when, after a meeting in Paris, Putin claimed that Hollande had proposed that the Syrian Arab Army join forces with the takfiri of the FSA, against other takfiri, and Hollande denied having made the suggestion (that Putin approved of), stating that the ‘moderate rebel’ types could not join with “the executioner of the Syrian people.”

In August, this same Hollande who libeled President al Assad as “executioner,” called for the assassination of Syria’s president, at a Paris meeting of French ambassadors.  While it could be suggested that “neutralisation” does not literally translate into the treacherous and premeditated murder, let us consider that when a US Congress member speaks of “taking out” someone, s/he is not discussing a fine meal and the opera.   Let us also consider, that in May, the Hollande government called upon Syria to release two French nationals incarcerated after a thwarted attempt to treacherously and premeditatedly murder President al Assad, last year.

One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

French nationals have been among the highest, regarding numbers of foreign takfiri terrorizing the Syrian population:  Four hundred fifty in early 2014 jumped to 950, within six months (interesting to note the use of Newspeak, during reporting of the attacks in Paris, called terrorist attacks, in Paris, continuously called the ‘mastermind’ French national who escaped, “terrorist,” except when announcing his having been into and out of Syria, as a “fighter.”).

French author Xavier Panon, in his “In the Corridors of French Diplomacy,” reports that Hollande admitted sending weapons to “rebels,” in 2012, despite France embargo against the Syrian Arab Republic.

On 15 September, the Foreign Minister of Russia’s new bff, Laurent ”Fetid” Fabius, announce that France had a “responsibility” to Syria, and had opened a inquiry into the Syrian government’s “war crimes” against its population, based on the Qatar-funded “Caesar pix — which were prominently featured (and dominated the news) in the UN, after which they were prominently featured on Capitol Hill, after which they were prominently featured, for a second time, in the Holocaust Museum.

One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

Long, long, ago, in June 2013, the putinkjieh went into a collective swoon — requiring massive amounts of smelling salts, to revive them — over Putin’s cleverest of remarks, to war criminal Cameron, during the G8 Summit, regarding the arming of “rebels”:  “One hardly should back those who kills their enemies and eats their organs”:

The same Putin fan club remained mute, though, when Russia’s president recently stated:

During my recent visit to Paris, the President of France, Mr Hollande, voiced an interesting idea that he thought is worth a try, namely, to have President Assad’s government troops join forces with the Free Syrian Army. True, we do not know yet where this army is and who heads it, but if we take the view that these people are part of the healthy opposition..

…and now they are delighted by the unholy union of friend, and foe.

As the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world, a country with a long and extraordinary history, is suddenly smitten with the idea of the SAA joining “forces” with the same “Free Syrian Army” that has been slaughtering them, and terrorizing the Syrian people, for almost 5 years, though he does “not know yet where this army is and who heads it,” this author — profoundly grateful for the more than one billion dollars in humanitarian aid, from Russia, and in gratitude for the RuAF providing essential cover to Syria’s ground troops —  is compelled to explain to him, who this “healthy opposition” is.

“Healthy opposition”
“Healthy opposition”
21 april 2011
21 april 2011  Syrian farmer, enjoying the company of the “healthy opposition.”


The FSA are the “freedom fighters” who murder Syrian soldiers, and then grill their decapitated heads.  They kidnap bishops and kill their driver, dumping his body into the street.  They blow up great scholars, in mosque.  They remotely detonate the car of a university professor, causing her to need a double leg amputation.  They bake Syrians in bread ovens, in Adra.  They murder children in school buses.  They video themselves strolling through corpses of Syrian soldiers, slaughter by bioweapons, as though they were spending a lovely afternoon in Retiro Park. They bomb Latakia.  They bomb Damascus.  They fill a car with explosives, outside a children’s school, and then remotely detonate it.  They turn a cancer hospital into a pile of rubble.

“Healthy opposition”


One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

This is but a small list of the malignant sociopathic crimes of the “healthy opposition,” this FSA cum Lernaean Hydra, and it is all over the country, including Raqqa, where 800,000 Syrian civilians are held hostage, by 3,000 of them, where the F*UK*US countries that have funded and armed them, now bomb mostly civilians and infrastructure, with neo-colonialist impunity.

The Op-Edger is also uber excited about those S400s:  ” Russia’s S-400 AA missile defense systems is already on combat duty at the Hmeymim airbase, and another one is on the way.”   This author would be uber excited, too, were it not for, uh, reality.

Prior to the international “healthy opposition” against the SAR, Syria had given Russia a down payment for an unknown number of S300s, a strictly defensive weapon.  After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited President Putin in Moscow, asking him not to deliver them, Putin announced the halting of their delivery.

One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

The putinkjieh have been adamant that they were delivered, despite Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem’s not infrequent public requests for Russia to please send them.  The fans claimed that it was great military genius to have them, and not use them!  After all, if Russia’s military assistance involving using the S300s that both Putin and Muallem said were not there, to shoot down US bomber jets before they blew up two (three?) water and electrical stations, in Aleppo, why, then, the US would know they were there!

More recently, though, the myth of the S300s morphed into the argument of:  “Who needs those worthless S300s, when S400s are on the way?!”   The rumors grew so strong that the Brit rag, Daily Mail, ran a story on them, which Spitnik immediately refuted:

“You had the opportunity to see everything here with your own eyes…There are no S-400s here, and never have been,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told foreign reporters who are on a press tour around the Hmeymim base where the Russian air group is stationed….”[B]efore attempting to scare the British public and the world with the deployment of our S-400 air defense system here, they should have consulted Wikipedia or the site of the Russian defense ministry as to how this system looks like,” Konashenkov added.

That statement, though, was 11 days before the Turkish government of fascist Erdogan, shot down the Russian Su-24.  On 25 November, Russia announced that the S400 was being deployed to the Russian base in Hmeimim, Latakia.

Please note the unfortunate fine print:  “The Russian Air Force base in Latakia will be reinforced with S-400 SAM system…”.


Fullscreen capture 11252015 42644 PM.bmp


One cannot be an arsonist and a firefighter at the same time. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, on multiple occasions.

“The Russian Air Force base [in Latakia] will be reinforced…”.

It is unlikely that even a crazed Erdogan-on-bath-salts could attempt to “unilaterally” move Turkey’s border to include Latakia province (and also unlikely that President Obama would bleat, under such circumstance, that Turkey has a right to self-defense).  And, considering that Russia has bilateral pacts with Syria’s enemies, agreeing not to bomb each other, of what use to the Syrian people, will the S400 be?

US American urban parlance, “dick swinging” comes to mind.

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“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.”  — Isaac Asimov


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