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United Nations - UN - UnFair
United Nations - UN - UnFair

A new United Nations Security Council (UNSC) binding resolution has been unanimously issued for the first time since the crisis in Syria began 2.5 years ago. The victors of WWII are excited, even communist China was appeased.

Yes, the resolution is binding. It is not in favor of the Syrian government, and it has made the western ‘humanitarian’ bastards excited; but no, it is not about human rights, nor about democracy, and the resolution has nothing to do with the suffering of the Syrian people caused by the influx of tens of thousands of Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists armed trained and funded by the U.S. and its stooges. The resolution does not bind their patrons to stop the manufacture of bads, which again raises suspicions regarding Russian ‘diplomacy’ and their future agenda for Syria.

The resolution only addresses ridding the Syrian state from its deterrent chemical weapons arsenal while ignoring the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons threat possessed by the ever expanding Zionist settling Arab Ghetto creators, also known as Israel.

Resolution 2116 dated September 27th, 2013 can only be described as an ugly face-saving resolution intended to entice the monkeys down from the trees they climbed up so fast, and shift their focus to another country in the region with the intent to return to Syria when the SAA becomes further weakened by the continuous smuggling of terrorists into Syria. Then, they can come back barking about some other fabricated “human rights” issue and unleash their pit bull Israel with all their might behind its plans for future expansion across the Middle East.

Westerners whine the resolution lacks a mechanism for enforcement, but that is their last concern. They have the backing of China and Russia and the approval of the Syrian government which has a long record of abiding by international laws. Syria is perhaps the only country that voluntarily abides among all others, and we can challenge anyone who claims otherwise.

UN Revolution against sovereignty or Resolution?
A UN Revolution against sovereignty of member states or a Resolution?

Guess what? Sudan is facing a ‘spontaneous public uprising’ out of nowhere and they formed their ‘coordination committees’ copying the same tactics they used in other ‘Arab Spring’ infected countries..!

Meanwhile, Syrians can choose their future now. What will it be? Iraq style, Libya style or Somalia style? These are the only options given unto Syria, unless those responsible for the foreign invasion of foreign interests which has created a humanitarian crisis in Syria start paying for their bad deeds without delay.

US Weapon of Mass Terror
US Weapon of Mass Terror
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