Moderate Terrorists Kill 45 Syrians with Moderate Bombs

Moderate Terrorists Kill 45 Syrians with Moderate Bombs

Miri Wood, RNc

Update:  International Vichy media was awaiting “ISIS” to claim today’s massacre.  The internet has suddenly exploded with reporting, as “ISIS” is the cover story for the fascist coalition’s war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic.  No matter that the F*UK*US countries are responsible for the original funding, arming, and training of these terrorists.


As the world’s leading neo-colonialists and their satrap underlings gather in Geneva, this morning, 31 January 2016, their moderately rabid cannon fodder again brought hell to Syria.

Forty-five (45) Syrians were martyred, and more than 110 injured — many critically — when moderate death squads funded by France, UK, US, summoned their courage to remotely detonate a car near the Koaa Soudan bus station, in al Sayyeda Zainab, 10km/6mi south of Damascus.

Photo credit: Mohamed Ali


Photo credit: Mohamed Ali

As Syrians went to help the injured, two moderate takfiri waited for a large crowd, before blowing themselves up, increasing casualties, injuries, and infrastructural damage.   A previous, moderate suicide bombing occurred near the town’s mosque, June 2014, which seriously injured more than one dozen persons.

Koaa Soudan bus station. Photo credit: Mohamed Ali.

al Sayyeda (“the lady”) Zainab  is named after the Prophet Mohammed’s granddaughter, said to be buried there.

In 2004, this suburb had a population of slightly over 136,000.  A more recent census is unavailable, though it is probably that it has swelled, via the movements of Syria’s internally displaced persons (IDPs), as nearby Damascus’ population has nearly doubled to 8.5 million, since the beginning of the foreign-driven,  Syrian crisis.

More than 6 hours after today’s most recent atrocities against the Syrian people, and their country, international media remains unabashedly shameless in its collective refusal to report on this carnage:

Fullscreen capture 1312016 115054 AM.bmp

There was similar media mutism, on 6 January of this year, when several missiles were fired upon Damascus.

Perhaps such a blackout is preferable to their cacophony of criminal lies,  when they report such butchery as “rebel fighting,” as they did when Damascus was hit with mortars, in August 2015, or in outright glee when Latakia was similarly bombed, in August, and again, in November.

الرحمة للشهداء

This report will be updated with names and photographs of the Syrian martyrs, as they become available.

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