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Libya: Once the Jewel of Africa

Will not get into the status of Libya prior to the NATO led ‘democratizing’ of the North African nation, let Libyans compare their standards of living now to what they used to have during their slain leader Gaddafi time.

Yes, he was a dictator, but instead of having one with each move expected and under the whole world’s spotlight, now we have hundreds of tiny ruthless dictators with advanced weapons provided by their NATO sponsors to a point they have a surplus they export to the entire Middle East and Africa, in addition to their unpredictable moves.

In short and based on what we know from Gaddafi’s Libya, the vast majority of people were enjoying free education from 0 to PHD plus scholarships abroad, free loans to buy homes and vehicles, unlike the case of US’s main ally in the region Saudi Arabia where over 3 million families do not own homes, a strong currency and a strong economy. Now what after 2 years of killing the man and taking his seat?

Looted Libya
Looted Libya

From reports of cooking wine from bodies of human beings, to field executions, to torture in public, to rapes on large scale and lots more, all of that what Libyans are going through in their daily lives; what’s even worse, is turning the country into a worms pot exporting worms all around and not covertly, rather they brag about that.

This report shows Libyan terrorists proud of shipping weapons from Libya to Syria since ‘more than a year’ before the report was made, June 17, 2013, which means since before June 2012, the Libyan installed democracy is arming their friends the Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists in Syria with all types of weapons at their disposal with total impunity and with the full help of a NATO member state, Turkey.

Some would claim that the country is still in chaos and not yet settled down even after 2 years of killing the previous leader, and that the militias who gained power with the help of the US slain ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, whom they killed later, cannot bond the entire country responsible before international law for such a crime against humanity which is arming terrorist groups affiliated with Alqaeda in Syria. But if that’s the case with the different militia groups in Libya, what about the Libyan minister of foreign affairs Mr. Muhammad Abdul Aziz himself not only admitting to supply the terrorists in Syria with money and weapons, but also bragging about it?

And if others would argue that Libya is still a fail state, no thanks to the west invasion and regime change there under the false pretext of ‘dictator killing own people’, what about the Russian minister of foreign affairs who doesn’t forget in any appearance to mention his country’s commitment to international law? What about his country’s stance from Syria? Why not facing the Libyan visiting minister with the crimes committed by the Libyan government and instead allowing him to brag about his crimes? What happened to Russia’s commitment with international law when it comes to deals with oil rich countries? And gas rich like the case of investing in the gas fields discovered off the coast of occupied Palestine for the Zionist state of Israel?

Does Russia’s eyeing of investments in Libya’s oil industry puts aside their commitment to international law? Does Putin’s commitment to the security of the ‘state of Israel’ overcomes his commitment to international law? Does the Russian initiative to rid Syria from its main deterrent weapon fall under the same commitment without including in the same initiative disarming the countries who used their weapons against others and against their own people publicly and proudly: Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and some others?

Looted Africa
Looted Africa

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  1. Yup. Just because Gaddafi was about to field the God Dinar, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama magically changed Libya from the Jewel of North Africa into just another turd in the punch bowl, with the enthusiastic support of NATO, of course. Burn in Hell, all of you.