John McCain’s Barbarian Friends Target Another Scientist, in Damascus

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Yesterday, June 18, a coward sociopath remotely detonated an IED attached to the car of Dr. Seham Dannoun, with her in it. Professor Dannoun was rushed to the hospital, where physicians were forced to perform bilateral above the knee amputations on her, as her femurs were shattered, her musculature decimated, and her veins and arteries completely gone.

Seham Dannoun John McCains Barbarian Friends Target Another Scientist, in Damascus usa 2 syria
Dr. Seham Dannoun from Damascus University targeted by FSA

Dr. Dannoun is the most recent of leading Syrian professors targeted for assassination, including professors of cardio-thoracic surgery, and architectural and nuclear engineering. Additionally, these barbarian friends who Cameron, Hollande, Obomba, and McCain would not want as neighbors, have bombed university students, in one monstrous attack against Aleppo University killing more than 80 students injuring 160 in January 2013, another attack on Damascus University killing 20 architectural pupils, in another barbarous attack and five medical engineering students in another.

Aleppo University Martyrs John McCains Barbarian Friends Target Another Scientist, in Damascus usa 2 syria
Architect College in Aleppo University, most of those students appearing in this picture were killed by ‘freedom fighters’

The brutal targeting, for assassination, of brilliant minds, is the perverse attempt to extinguish the light of humanity. It has been done by the most vicious, during the worst dark ages in history. It is a heinous attempt to blot out the future, to exterminate humanity’s incessant hope.

Dr. Dannoun has a daunting rehabilitation recovery before her. She will, at times, suffer pain that medications cannot control (hopefully, the bombed of the Syrian state-owned pharmaceutical factory, by the NATO proteges has been sufficiently repaired to be making necessary quantities of narcotics for the Syrian people.). She will have to survive such pain, and anger, and depression, and a terrible sense of loss of self, to know that the savages have not succeeded in destroying her mind.

We wish her a recovery as speedy as possible.

Note to US Americans: There are two important petitions circulating; one calls for the arrest of illegal alien McCain: [Click Here] initiated after the senator sneaked into a border town inside Syria illegally and met members of terrorist groups responsible for kidnapping and slaughtering numerous innocent human beings. The other is by U.S. Senator Tom Udall, calling upon Congress not to declare war against Syria. Though wrongly referring to the invasion of Syria by NATO and friends’ mercenary savages, it is, nonetheless, of significant consequence: [Click Here].

Video of Dr. Dannoun’s hospital treating by Syrian TV (banned in the west claiming to promote free speech):

4 thoughts on “John McCain’s Barbarian Friends Target Another Scientist, in Damascus

  1. Dear professor Seham, you’ve taught us a lot, you were a great inspiring source for strength, love, and patriotism but now you are a great soldier in hour eyes,we’re going to miss your presence around us, but your spirit is never going to leave us.
    with love.
    one of your distressed students.

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