israel backs kurdish independence iraq

israel backs kurdish independence iraq
ISIL caliphate map

Netanyahu urged support for the “Kurdish aspiration for independence,” RT reported Sunday.

The hawkish Zionist official also claimed on Sunday that Kurds are “fighting people that has proved its political commitment, political moderation, and deserves political independence,” according to a Reuters.

Now, in an obvious challenge against the international community’s support of a united Iraq, the Israeli official, well-known for his racist and angry remarks against Arabs, Iranians and even American, is now urging support Kurdish independence and disintegration of Iraq.
“We should…support the Kurdish aspiration for independence,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying.

All this problem from the fall of Musol to the control of Kirkuk started when Iraqi commander back stabbed their country and opened a door for the ISIL with the help of America and Isreal in general and Kurds and Turkey in specific.

However,the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group committing massacres across Syria and Iraq – have proclaimed the establishment of a “caliphate”.

Now calling itself the Islamic State, the terrorist group has called on all other related armed extremist factions, including al-Qaeda, to pledge their allegiance to the new state, which it said stretches from Aleppo in Syria to Diyala in Iraq.

In a statement distributed online on Sunday – the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic State’ declared its chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “the caliph” and “leader for Muslims everywhere”.

“The infidels are disgraced. The Sunnis are masters and are esteemed. The people of heresy are humiliated. The Sharia penalties are implemented, all of them, the statement read.

“The front lines are defended, crosses and graves demolished. Governors and judges have been appointed, a tax has been enforced and courts will resolve disputes and complaints,” it added.

ISIL caliphate map
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