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Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq
Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq

When several armed terrorists in five 4×4 vehicles crossed into the Iraqi province of Anbar from the al-Waleed border crossing with Syria, they attacked a group of Iraqi border guards and managed to kill a policeman and to injure five other Iraqi border guards. The Iraqi province of Anbar is about six miles (10 kilometres) away from the al-Waleed border crossing with Syria.

This clash between the armed terrorists from Syria and the Iraqi border guards resulted in the killing of two terrorists by the Iraqi border guards, while the Iraqi authorities, as stated, sadly have lost one policemen in this incident according to the information by the Iraqi border police.

This was not the first time that the foreign-backed armed terrorists and jihadists from Syria are a reason for problems and battles in the neighbouring country Iraq.

On many occasions, the armed terrorists were already guilty for many violent incidents in Iraq since the beginning of the conflict and proxy war in Syria.

On of the deadliest violent incidents happened in March this year. A group of foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists have ambushed a convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the territory of Iraq in March 2013.

The Syrian convoy with many Syrian soldiers had entered the neighbouring country Iraq for medical treatment. After the medical treatment, the Syrian army convoy was on its way back to Syria when it came under attack by the foreign-supported terrorists – still on Iraqi soil.

The attack by the group of terrorists caused the death of 48 Syrians and nine Iraqi border guards.

Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq
Soldiers Executing Improvised Explosive Device Sweep in Iraq

The conflict in Syria began in March 2011 and many sides are involved directly or indirectly in this proxy war and the attempt to overthrow the secular Syrian government in Damascus.

Since the beginning of the terrorism and proxy war in Syria, many civilians, including a large number of Syrian soldiers, have been killed by the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists.

The violence and chaos in Syria is mainly orchestrated from outside the country and many of the of the so-called “Syrian rebels” are foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan or even from Russia, Europe, Australia and the United States. Not to mention Germany.

Several Western governments and its regional allies and proxies — especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, but also Jordan — are supporting the Takfiri terrorists and gunmen in Syria.

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