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Boroujerdi: Israel is the main loser of a US military strike on Syria.

The Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, is currently in the Lebanese capital Beirut in order to meet with several Lebanese ministers and officials.

However, Boroujerdi has already met with some Ministers of Lebanon and made further remarks in terms of the support by the Israeli regime for a US-led war against Syria and the dangerous stance of the Saudi regime and the Saudi Arabian support for the military intervention of an Arab country by foreign powers.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the Chairman of the Foreign Policy and National Security Committee at the Iranian Shura Council, has called on the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia to change its stance in terms of Syria. He further urged the Saudi regime to stop inviting foreigners to launch a war against a Muslim country.

Boroujerdi said that Tehran hopes that the stance of Saudi Arabia in regards of Syria and the US threats against the Arab country will change. According to the Iranian legislator, the Iranian administration hopes that the stance of the Saudi Arabian ruling family will change and that they stop “inviting foreigners to attack an Islamic country of the region.”

This is a clear response by an Iranian official to the call of the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia at the meeting of the Arab League (AL) in Cairo on last weekend. The Saudi Arabian Minister has called on the US administration in Washington to begin the war on Syria in order to help the suffering Syrian people and to topple the “Syrian regime.” However, don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

The Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, further underlined the concern of Tehran in terms of the possibility of an US-led military strike on Syria and that Iran hopes that all the intellectuals in the United States as well as the members of the US Congress will try everything to prevent an US-led attack on Damascus because such an attack “will inflame the entire region.”

The Iranian legislator has then expressed his pleasure about the increased knowledge of the word public in regards of the foreseeable serious and dire consequences for the Syrian people, the country and the entire region of the Middle East in case Washington really launches a war against the Arab nation. He further said in his new statements during his visit in Beirut that the number of the supporters and backers of a possible war against Syria is decreasing and that this is a good sign.

The Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission did not only speak about the dire consequences of waging war against Syria for the entire MIddle East and urged Saudi Arabia to change its stance on Syria, but also spoke about the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv and the possible result of a war against Syria for the “Zionist regime,” which supports an US-led strike on Damascus.

The Iranian legislator has yet again underlined the support of Tehran for a political and peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict and stated that in case of such a military action against Damascus,