Genocidal but Still ‘Moderate’ – Germany Supports Its ‘Rebels’ for Certain Reason

Following the heinous shelling of hospitals and residential areas in Aleppo by what the West labels ‘Syrian rebel militias’, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on May 4th welcomed to Berlin the man the West claims is one leader of the Western-fabricated ‘Syrian opposition’. The man, better known as Riad Hijab, is a former short-time PM of Syria before he had been kicked by president Assad in 2012 and fled to Jordan from where he then started his obstruction against Syria. Steinmeier aims to bring back his very own ‘rebels’ to the negotiation table in Geneva where they meet the true representatives of the Syrian nation and people.

Obviously, the German FM is eager to restart nonworthy “peace-talks” and to achieve a new truce because the Western puppets of Jabhat al-Nusra, which claims to be Al-Qaeda in Syria, is about to be totally crushed in Aleppo and elsewhere, whilst the Syrian Arab Army is pushing hard on the Western proxy Daesh (ISIS) as well. These are bad days for terror-loving Steinmeier, indeed.

The truce which had not been spoken for Aleppo before, is a vital interest of the Western terroristic nations who made all the gangs with the fancy names which are just all the same in killing civilians. From the Western position, the truce is to be used to re-enforce, re-group and re-arm the terrorists the West still labels ‘rebels’ as these rebels are the Western ‘boots on the ground’, fulfilling Western orders, based on Western interests.

Germany itself is one of the generous funders of the ‘moderates’ who kill Syrian children, rape women and eat the organs of captured Syrian army soldiers. In 2013 and 2014 Germany publically donated at least 405 mil. Euro (450 mil. US-D) to the terrorists of the Western-made “FSA”, using the Western-made “Syrian National Council” (SNC) as a facade. This FSA is that gang which Syrians claim was a ghost army, a propaganda-tool, kept alive for no reason other than to collect Western fundings for the even worse guys of Jabhat al-Nusra / Al-Qaeda.

This FSA had been publically announcing its merger with the Al-Nusra-Front some years ago, but the Western politicians who always teach the world in “democracy” and “rule of law” did not bother about now funding Al-Qaeda as Al-Qaeda, as we remember, since its creation in 1980 never had been funded and instruced by anyone else than the USA.

Now, in Aleppo, as the Syrian Arab Army started its great offensive on the ‘rebel’-held areas in order to break the terrorists’ grip on the city, Jabhat Al-Nusra / FSA allied with two other major terroristic gangs supported by the West: Ahar al-Sham (Pentagon-creation) and Jaysh al-Islam (CIA-creation). These Western proxies had been and still are being funded and armed by the closest allies of Germany, and so it did not make anyone wonder that it was Mr. Steinmeier who pushed for the participation of these Al-Qaida-affiliated terror gangs at the Geneva ‘peace-talks’. In fact, it was Mr. Steinmeier’s friend Riad Hijab who made the head of Jaysh al-Islam the head of the ‘Syrian opposition’ group to Geneva. Guess who pulled the strings in the background?

Mr. Steinmeier knows exactly whom he is supporting, he knows whom he wants to rule over 23 million Syrians. He knows the reports about the butal atrocities – such as torture, rape, public beheadings – Jaysh al Islam commits at those parts of Al-Ghouta in Damascus countryside still under these thug’s control. But crimes against humanity will not bother a terrorist like Mr. Steinmeier who did orchestrate the fascist coup in Ukraine and who is in bed with the most savage criminals the world ever has seen: The bloody Zionist Nazi regime of Tel Aviv, the bloody cavemen-regime of Al-Saud and the bloody dictator Erdogan of Turkey. Fascists like Mr. Steinmeier do love terrorists who serve their aims, it is that simple.

Therefor, Germany engaging into “peace-talks” and a truce in Syria only does mean Germany is aiming to further-on support those terroristic mass-murdering killers who do commit the crimes of shelling schools, hospitals and residential areas with their infamous “hellfire”-cannons, causing hundreds of casualties, death, pain, despair. And of course, Germany is cooperating with the other Western terroistic nations and their puppet tools: The Berlin-talks of Mr. Steinmeier with Riad Hijab were also attended by the French FM, Mr. Ayrault, and Mr. de Mistura, UN special envoy.

What we can analyse from this meeting is exactly this: The aim of the western powers is to re-install truce in oder to allow their genocidal assets to re-locate, re-arm and re-enforce their power. Besides this obvious aim of all Western powers united in the plot against Syria, Germany itself wants to “engage” more in the region, achieving more influence. What could be the outcome for Germany? Of course, Germany is aiming to achieve a better position in the race for neo-colonial theft – stealing Syrian assets, grabbing Syrian resources, and obtaining high-value-orders for a rebuilding of Syria. If it is not for power, control and profit, for what other reason could it be that a regional European power like Germany undertakes huge financial and political efforts to create, arm, fund, support the most bloody and completely illegal war since 1945 – at the side of the aggressors?

In the language of politicians, that does sound nicer, of course: enable an “effectively working transitional government” (Steinmeier; translated from the original German text by SH). A “transitional government” is the disguise for bringing Al-Qaida aka Western proxies into power in Damascus. Or, to put it short: regime change.

But who the heck is Mr. Steinmeier to decide on Syria? Who entitled that terrorist Riad Hijab for claiming political power for him and his Muslim-Brotherhood puppets of Washington and Tel-Aviv? Does Syria suffer from the lack of a government, coming from fair and representative elections? Does Syria suffer from the lack of a decent constitution? How come that a fomer US-Senator, Mr. Black from Virgina, has to tell the West the simple fact:

  • Only Syrians are authorized to decide on Syria.
  • Syia has a legitimate government that cares for the people and not for Rothschild-banks.
  • Syria has a modern, sophisticated constitution which serves the nation (in 2012 the constitution was authorized by the approval of a huge majority of the Syrian people).

In blatant contradiction to the democratic process in Syria, the situation in Germany does produce many question marks. Just two examples that should make you imagine why Germany is the very last to teach other nations:

  • The German constitution (“Grundgesetz”) had been written by the British, French and US-occupants of Germany in 1948, without asking the German people for approval.
  • The German government is being formed out of elections which are being criticized as unfair and fraud by German law experts and the German Constitutional Court.
    Would anyone sane consider people coming from such entity as competent to decide on foreign countries?

Mr. Steinmeier is acting like the wizard’s trainee as described by the great German poet Goethe: The wizard, the master, leaves, and the trainee aims to make things work for him, but he fails badly and is even endangered to downfall when, finally, the wizard returns savs the trainee (unfortunatly) and re-installs order by his magical power. Mr. Steinmeier is the wizard’s trainee who is now trying to close the Pandora box which he opend for nasty aims and bad desires.

In fact, Mr. Steinmeier and his buddies just helped to open the gates to hell. And hell is where they will end.


Syrien-Gespräche in Berlin. Auswärtiges Amts – Pressemitteilung; Berlin, 03.05.2016.

Aron Lund: An Islamist Experiment; Political Order in the East Ghouta.

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