french belgian fsa terror commander killed syria

Sinjar – Idleb
Sinjar - Idleb countryside

A Syrian Arab Army unit killed a notorious foreign terrorist from the FSA called Abdul Rahman Ayachi, the son of a Wahhabi cleric Bassam Ayachi, in Sinjar, near Maarat Noman in Idleb countryside north of Syria in what Nusra Front terrorist organization called ‘Fatah Mubeen’ battles, or ‘Clear Opening!’.

French - Belgian Wahhabi terrorist Abdul Rahman Ayachi
French – Belgian Wahhabi terrorist Abdul Rahman Ayachi

The terrorist, with a French & Belgian citizenship, was killed along with 40 members of his group called ‘Jund ar-Rahman Brigade’ or ‘Soldiers of His Gracious (God)’, part of the FSA, ‘Free from Syrians Army’ fighting the Syrian state to establish an anti-Islamic ‘Islamist’ Wahhabi caliphate under NATO hegemony in the region.

Sinjar - Idleb countryside
Sinjar – Idleb countryside

His group was in charge of horrific crimes against locals wherever he moved after Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government of embattled Recep Tayyip Erdoğan smuggled him with his friends into Syrian territories. The exterminated terrorist’s father vowed to travel to Syria to fight the Syrian state in their ‘Jihad’ against Muslims and other religions and infidels..!

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Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Asssad repeatedly warned Europe from sending terrorists to Syria and arming terrorists in Syria, this will backlash at the exporting countries when those terrorists with their ideology return to their home countries, Woolwich killing is just a single example to build upon.

The hazard of arming terrorists
The hazard of arming terrorists
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