French Government: War Will Balance Situation in Syria

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia
Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

France maintains rhetoric of war and supports military actions against Damascus.

The recent statements by officials from the French government are seriously dangerous for the peace in the Middle East and the people in the region. Further, the statements are to put into questions. How can a war against a country balance the situation in this attacked country?

Don`t get me wrong, the Syrian conflict and the foreign-backed terrorism against Syrian civilians must end. However, one will not end the violence in the Arab country by launching a war (they call it military intervention) against Syria. That is simply not logical.

While the French governments persists in talk of war against the Syrian government in Damascus over the alleged use of chemical weapons (e.g. Sarin nerve gas / poison gas) in suburbs of the Syrian capital by units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on August 21, although there is no convincing evidence for the guilt of the Syrian government, it is simply a fact that a war against Syria will only trigger more violence in the Arab country.

Further, an US-led military strike against Syria will increase the suffering of the Syrian people and any talk of a war of liberation to help the Syrian people is just bullshit. The recent history already tells it all. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on.

The recent history does not only confirm the fabrication of evidence in order to justify a war against a sovereign country (e.g. war on Iraq, when Washington, London and Tel Aviv have lied in order to wage war) but also that any kind of a war to liberate people just pushes the attacked country and its people into more chaos and violence.

All the political analysts, officials and anti-war campaigners who have spoken about the dire consequences of a possible US-led military strike on Syria were correct. The warnings by Iran, Russia, Italy, China and other nations are correct. Any military attack on Damascus will have dire consequences for Syria, the Syrian people and even for the entire region of the Middle East.

Not to mention the possibility that, by a military response of Syria’s allies, another world war could even take place (WWIII). Such a high risk of a possible new world war has been mentioned by several political analysts and some former army personnel from different states. Of course, in case Washington attacks Syria – what should Russia and Iran do?

How should Moscow and Tehran respond to a war on Syria? Will they respond or just watch, while both Russia and Iran are aware of the fact that they are the possible next “targets” of Western imperialism – at least, both governments are on the Western agenda and plan for a new Middle East and such stuff. It is probably better to fight a war on Syrian soil than on the own soil, isn’t it? Better wage war on a foreign soil than within the own borders. It is simple as that.

So, France still supports a US-led military intervention (war) into Syria. Under consideration of the deep links of parts of the French government to the regime in Tel Aviv, such a maintaining of the French rhetoric of war and support for military strikes on Syria comes as no surprise. However, while the Israeli regime has not only again fabricated evidence for the United States, Germany, Britain and France, it is also known that the Israeli administration in Tel Aviv wants this war on Syria.

Syrian Army discovers Saudi-made Chemical Containers (Source: FNA)
Syrian Army discovers Saudi-made Chemical Containers (Source: FNA)

So, no surprise at all. Even Germany, while stating that it will not participating in military actions against Syria, is supporting the armed terrorists fighting in Syria since the beginning of the conflict in the Arab country and has also several military equipment in the region (Turkish border to Syria) in order to support a military intervention into Syria. The installations by Germany at the Turkish-Syrian border are not there for any kind of defence actions to help the Turkish regime of Prime Minister Erdogan, but for the moment when Damascus is attacked by foreign military forces.

Germany did the same in terms of Iraq and Libya – concealed by their public rejections of such actions – but they did support these wars behind the curtains. The same will happen in case Washington starts the war on Syria. German military personnel and missiles will support the destruction of a former peaceful and secular country in the Middle East because Germany (as well as Washington and Saudi Arabia) is a lackey of the Israeli regime.

In case Britain, France and others, under the lead of the United States, will launch military attacks on Syria, they violate the so-called international law and UN Charta. However, they made these laws and that Charta and who shall blame them or make them responsible for war crimes? Indeed. That’s it.

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