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US Navy Aircraft Carrier Passing Through Suez Canal
US Navy Aircraft Carrier Passing Through Suez Canal

Obama is busy, cracking Syria is not as easy as he thought when he started climbing the ‘red line’ tree fast and needs a way to get down, but that’s not what is keeping him busy now, if Syria is hard to crack now, Egypt is ripe.

In an anticipated speech today at the White House, the US regime’s commander in chief declared out of a sudden that he wants to refer to the Congress to obtain approval for an aggression against Syria to punish the Syrian state for an alleged use of chemical weapons against own people and the humanitarians want to save the people of Syria, after 100,000 killed at the hands of the US death squads.

That not only frees Obama’s hands from getting engaged in an un-guaranteed adventure in Syria, to be able to use them elsewhere, away from the ‘Resistance Camp’ that includes beside Syria Iran and Hizbullah and some of the Palestinian factions.

One and half months ago in this same site we posted a very critical article titled ‘The Destruction of Egypt‘ and we outlined the dangers of the Saudi support to the Egyptian Army coup against the Qatari support of the Muslim Brotherhood gangs. Fools only believe that either two states, Saudi or Qatar, can work against the United States will. Fools are the majority of the people following the events unfolding in the region.

The two GCC camps funding and sponsoring two opponents in Egypt is only to lead to the destruction of the country, splitting it into 3 weaker and smaller states at least, and weaken its army.

The worst part in the plot is chopping away Sinai from Egypt and announce it the alternative homeland for the Palestinians. Then declaring Suez Canal as an international protectress after ‘radical Islamist groups’ or ‘terrorist groups’, always present where NATO needs them, attack a couple of vessels in the canal and the inability of the Egyptian army to secure the vital water passageway connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, the main route for oil produced in the Persian Gulf heading to Europe and the United States, merchant container ships going both ways and not to forget war ships.

Suez Canal
Suez Canal

The Egyptian Army, or what’s left of it would be busy engaging with mobs of Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to re-install the ‘legitimacy of their ousted president’ Morsi, or their awaited Caliph.

Today, August 31st, 2013, the Suez Canal Authority head Mr. Mohab Memish declared that an attack failed against one of the container ships passing through the canal today, Saturday, in an attempt to disrupt the flow of ships through the waterway.

Reuters quoted Mr. Memish saying: ‘The attempt failed completely and there was no damage to the ship or the containers it carried. The situation was dealt with strictly by the armed forces’.

The plot against Egypt serves the establishment of the ‘Jewish state of Israel’, a Talmudic dream of creating the kingdom for the Anti-Christ who will lead the Jews after importing them from all parts of the world into the ‘Promised Land’ and build his temple there. Pure Zionist plots with the help of Zionist Christian leaders and Zionist Jews in the western countries on the account of the Jews themselves and their victims in that part of the Arab World.

Can you imagine that some still believe in the Arab Spring and the western desire to help ‘democratize’ the region?

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