Obama Moderates Bomb Damascus, Again

Damascus - Syria
Damascus - Syria

Miri Wood, RNc

Update from Syrian Arab Army facebook page, 30 August:

“The city of Damascus had 4.5 to 5 million inhabitants in 2011. Today and due to the war there are over 8.5 million inhabitants in the city; most of which were forced outside of their homes by the “moderate rebels” backed by NATO in general specifically the U.S. Turkey and France; also backed and financed by the terrorist nations of the Gulf.

“Today, as this post is being written, terrorists of Damascus countryside are shelling with mortar fire the civilians in Damascus, shelling a city where almost 9 million people live under the name of what they call freedom.

“These Saudi/US backed terrorists are using civilians and people they kidnapped from the industrial city of Adra as human shields, but that will not last long.

“While the Syrian National Defense Forces are evacuating their women and children, the terrorists of that area are launching mortars at the most populated cities in Syria.

“We promise our Air Force and artillery regiments stationed around Damascus will show them just the right amount of freedom they deserve.”

While humanity’s leading genocidalists, the US, UK, and France, and their various satrap colonies, and mephistophelean journalist-whores and idiot-bloggers, have spent the last several days yelping about Syria defending itself against takfiri terror — foreign and domestic — they have collectively self-enucleated, to intentionally ignore the fact that more than two hundred mortars, missiles, and rockets (a.k.a. “bombs”) have reigned down upon the City of Jasmine, beginning Sunday.

Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives. — Mark Twain

Damascus, Syria’s capitol, and second largest city, is one of the oldest cultural hubs and urban centers in the world; its Old City is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world — dating back to at least the 3rd millennium  BCE — and a member of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Damascus: Garden of the Citadel







A glimpse of every day life, in Damascus


26 mortar shells hit my neighbourhood yesterday [23 August]. We are not afraid . The Syrian army is our hope. — a Damscene

Damascus’ population was an estimated to be near 1,800,00, in 2009, a number that surely has grown, with the arrival of some of the 6,500,00 [1]  Syrian internally displaced personsSyrians who refuse to be chased out of their country, but have been forced to flee their homes, their neighborhoods, by Obama & ilk sociopath mercenaries.

This author is from Philadelphia, the most historical city in the US; the city which houses Independence Hall, the country’s first hospital, the country’s first Zoological Garden, and where the poetry of the Declaration of Independence was unveiled, where the Constitution was written, where the Founders gave US “a republic, Madam, if you can keep it” [2]

131 mortars and rockets fall on Damascus yesterday.  No one and I mean no one mentioned that, or cares about that.  One rocket falls in Douma (an area controlled by terrorists where the the mortars and rockets on Damascus are launched from), and the whole world because worried! — a Damascene

Philly is a zygote, from an historical perspective, when compared to Damascus.

I try to imagine — and fail — what it would be like to wake up, and find Philly being bombed, over and over and over, while the world gang of mass-murderers claims that the bombers are “freedom fighters.”


Damascus 23 August 2015


“28 mortar shells hit my neighbourhood last night. Still standing we will never give up”







11924560_1653505658223490_7423376487425465769_n (1)


As the US and Britain continue to do childishly give each other body slams & high fives over the truly absurd story regarding the ‘take-down’ of terrorist with the very large AK-47 on the train bound to the City of Romance (while being nonplussed by peculiar dichotomy which considers terrorists on European trains, as “terrorists,” but terrorists destroying Syria, as “moderate armed rebels), those Brits and Americans not wishing to decompose with their rotting political leaders, might consider watching the following video, from 21 March 2013.

At that time, more than 5,000 Syrian soldiers had been killed, defending their Homeland, within its borders.


[1] http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49e486a76.html

[2] Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s announcement, on which type of government had been formed, upon tossing out the British occupiers.  Alas, we could not.

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