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Video Proves Militants Launch Chemical Attacks in Syria (Source: FNA)
Video Proves Militants Launch Chemical Attacks in Syria (Source: FNA)

Syria: Videos shall prove that terrorists launched chemical attacks.

While the US General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, is convinced that Moscow may hike military assistance to the Syrian government in case the United States launch a military strike on Damascus, new videos from Syria appeared on the social network Facebook and on YouTube.

This newly published videos prove that the foreign-backed terrorists were the side who has launched the chemical attacks in the Arab country, at least, according to the recent reports about the videos from Syria and the videos seem to be credible. The videos on Facebook and YouTube seem to prove the opposite of what the alleged evidence of Washington, London, Paris and Berlin say.

Instead of Syrian soldiers, one can see the foreign-backed terrorists and religious fanatics in the videos on Facebook and YouTube. The videos show members of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) launching a poison gas attack on a Syrian village. One is also able to see rockets equipped with toxic canisters used by these foreign-supported FSA terrorists in Syria, according to the report by Al-Alam.

However, in terms of videos published on Facebook and YouTube, it does not matter what these videos show or seem to show and confirm – one has always to remain sceptical. It does not matter whether videos allegedly confirm the responsibility of crimes by the Syrian government and soldiers or if videos allegedly confirm such chemical attacks carried out by the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria.

Although, even the Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently spoken about such videos from Syria and it seems that he would rather believe a video showing the terrorists launching chemical attacks than the last videos with the dead Syrian children because it is simply more logical, under the consideration of the recent events on the battlefields in Syria and the results that the Syrian Army units have gained the upper hand in the fight against the terrorist groups on Syrian soil, that the terrorists and not the Syrian army have launched such chemical attacks.

Video Proves Militants Launch Chemical Attacks in Syria (Source: FNA)
Video Proves Militants Launch Chemical Attacks in Syria (Source: FNA)

Not to mention that the Syrian government was sure aware of the situation that such acts would trigger the possibility of an US-led military strike and there is also the simple situation that the Syrian soldiers did not carry gas masks on several videos (e.g. by ANNA-news) from these suburbs of Damascus. Nobody would seriously carry out chemical attacks when he does not wear a gas mask. Would you? And in terms of the alleged FSA terrorists in these videos launching a rocket filled with chemicals and the thing with gas masks, it is hard to say, to be honest. Maybe they just had no gas masks or did not care about possible dangers. Who knows. Everything is sadly possible in terms of such a long lasting conflict.

One of the mentioned videos that confirm the responsibility of the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria for a chemical attack on a Syrian village was published by Farsnews.

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