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Assassination Attempt Against Yet Another Syrian Official

Anti-humanity western backed terrorists insist on showing their real faces and continue their killing spree in Syria, an attempt on the life of Assistant Minister of Labor Rakan Ibrahim was carried out this morning in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Mossad style assassinations by attaching a sticking explosive to the car of the Syrian official in Baramkeh residential neighborhood in the heart of the capital caused severe injuries to Mr. Ibrahim and initial reports indicate an amputation of his leg.

Part of Mr. Rakan Ibrahim duties per his job description is to approve renewal of work permits for non-Syrians in Syria, issuing end of service grants to public workers, signing end of service insurance, signing clearance certificates and all documents related to social services in addition to other workers related matters, which NATO strategists find very dangerous against ‘peaceful protesting’ and stops the ‘freedom of speech’ they promote in countries other than theirs..!

Building of Syrian Ministry of Labor in Damascus

This assassination attempt comes in line with all previous killings, kidnapping, assaults and other crimes committed on all ‘Shabeeha‘, which in particular means: everybody who didn’t join the ‘peaceful revolution’.

Picture of targeted official from the operation room:

Rakan Ibrahim – Escaped an assassination attempt

4 days ago, NATO backed ‘freedom fighters’ killed Hussam Muhammad Youssef, the deputy head of ministry of education in Aleppo with a ‘non-lethal’ Igla thermal seeking missile that targeted the helicopter he was in trying to deliver exam papers to the two besieged towns of Nubbol & Zahraa in the northern countryside, and just two weeks after a similar targeted assassination attempt against Dr. Seham Dannoun, a professor at Damascus University which caused the amputation of her both legs from the thighs downwards.

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