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Alert: NATO False Flags to Increase in Syria by Massacres

More than 60 civilians mostly women and children were massacred by terrorists from one of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ branches, most likely the Wahhabi Nusra Front in the Hatlah town, Der Ezzor countryside, north of Syria. The town consists of mostly Shiite residents. Some of the top scholars and their families were among the slaughtered, many were kidnapped by the Wahhabi attackers.

Over 60 civilians killed by FSA in Hatlah town, Der Ezzor, Syria

The crime was reported by the culprits themselves on social media sites bragging about their crime ‘liberating’ the town from the infidel Shiites in their believe. Wahhabis consider everybody else an infidel and should be killed, which makes them themselves the infidels by the vast majority of Muslim scholars and based on explicit Islamic teaching, prophet Muhammad said: ‘Who calls his brother an infidel, one of them is, if he was like what he called him or it gets back at him’ meaning: if a Muslim denies another Muslim his religion by calling him an infidel, one of them is definitely an infidel, if he was right in his description or if he is accusing falsely the description comes back at him. Wahhabis resurface from time to time in the Islamic history, they were more known as ‘Khawarij’, who ‘left the religion’, and their best description was: ‘Khawarij kill Muslims in the name of Islam and ally with enemies of Islam’. Thus the less fortunate poor and less educated can be easily manipulated by the systematic media campaign and abundant money spent by NATO stooges like Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

What’s more alarming from this horrific heinous massacre is the fact it was reported by the London based British MI6 outlet known as SOHR or Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which worked as a main source for propaganda for the FSA for the past 26 months of the Syrian crisis, promoting their crimes as ‘fighting the aggressors’ and ‘defending civilians’. In addition to the fact they knew about the crime first hand as usual (Houla massacre for instance), their reporting of it and not accusing the Syrian Arab Army of killing their own families this time comes in a new plan by NATO to interfere but this time in their ‘War on Terror’ series of ‘regime changes’ and ‘wars’ worldwide to eliminate the terrorists in Syria.

First they covertly send mercenaries to wreck havoc then they overtly support oppositions and then they interfere militarily. Syria is not like anywhere else they managed to play this ploy. Syria will reshape the world order and expose their lies and bury their evil plans. Syrians paid a hefty price to ensure this evil go no further.

Public opinion should be very much aware of such plans especially after the fail of the ‘chemical weapons’ accusations and the recent failures of Al-Qaeda Levant fighters known as Nusra Front working under the FSA umbrella, and Qussayr battle was just one in a long list of victories by the Syrian Arab Army on all fronts in the country.

Video of the terrorists bragging about their crime and then some others forcing people to go out in the street to praise the genocide their friends committed, English subtitles, had to use LiveLeak instead of YouTube, as YouTube supports NATO terrorists only and delete any video against them:


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  4. I hope the Syrian army kills everyone of these murderous demented pigs. And they have the unmitigated Gaul to use the name of god in atrocities.If I was A Syrian General I would give them no mercy and no quarter,I would eliminate them like if I came across a rats nest. Long live the Syrian Army, God bless and protect them and the Syrian people and the true God give them Victory over the Satanic hordes.